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The process of attorneys connecting with clients over the Internet should be smooth. A person needing an attorney uses Google, finds your website, uses it to contact you and becomes a client. Your customer base and law firm continues to grow.

If only it were that simple.

Law Firm Search Engine Optimization

The truth is, a range of variables determine whether a potential client EVER sees the link to your website, let alone clicks on it. If you're not making every effort to get in front of clients and improve your search engine rankings, your chances of connecting with people searching for bankruptcy services is diminishing--because your competitors WILL be utilizing SEO to ensure they're seen by clients, causing their page to eclipse yours and potential clients to go to their firm instead of yours.

That means you could lose them pretty quickly. Unlike some other practice areas like family law and immigration, bankruptcy clients might not have the luxury of a lot of time to ask questions and investigate their options. More than many others, they will want to get the help of a trustworthy and qualified attorney as soon as they can.

Adding to that, bankruptcy law is a competitive field and to stay on top, your firm needs to take full advantage of any marketing strategies that will make you visible to potential clients. Search engine optimization can ensure a steady stream of business for a bankruptcy law firm, because numerous sources show that most people turn to Google first in their search for an attorney. It's not hard to see how this is especially true for bankruptcy lawyers--people don't want to air their money problems to their family and friends.

Where Should a Bankruptcy Law Firm Start?

If you are a bankruptcy attorney or own a bankruptcy law firm, you probably already know that you need to make the most of your online marketing strategy. What you may not know is how to get your firm noticed by search engines, ranking and on the first page of a Google search, where customers will see it. What you may not know is why your site isn't performing better in search results or how to change that. While it's true that SEO is complex and involves a number of variables, below is a list of some of the factors that can influence rankings.

Websites for Bankruptcy Attorneys

Your bankruptcy law firm web site will be the bones of your internet marketing campaign, so you want it to be solid. As an attorney, you know the value of a positive first impression and it's no different for your website. When a potential client arrives on your landing page, they are very quickly making a judgment about your quality and professionalism based on what they see.

First and foremost, you want to instill a sense of trust in people who may be under a great deal of stress. The design elements used on your site should impart calm and a feeling of authority--if someone is considering the frightening step of declaring bankruptcy, they won't want any doubt that they're putting their future in the hands of an expert.

Organization matters too--and not just to clients. Your site's internal links should be optimally structured not just so visitors can easily find what they need, but so search engines can easily crawl through your content, improving your rank.

You want a fast site. Your load speed affects your rankings and what's more, people are conditioned to get what they're looking for almost instantly or they can become frustrated. Add in the stress of going through bankruptcy and your chances of losing a client is they cannot find what they need are great.

You're probably aware that with websites, there's much, much more happening in the background than what a customer sees on the screen. There's also a difference between a site that works and a site that works seamlessly and that difference is usually a professional web designer with a lot of experience. A high quality website is a worthwhile investment for any bankruptcy attorney, both for the confidence it instills in clients and its major contribution to SEO success, which will be explained later

Search Engine Optimization For Bankruptcy Law Firms

Imagine that you now have a beautiful, professional site designed for ease of navigation and seo. What's the next step in improving your organic search traffic?


Probably the single biggest thing that you, a skilled attorney with a wealth of knowledge about bankruptcy, can contribute to your website and the SEO process is content. Google, in its quest to provide more accurate results and a better experience to its users, is shifting its preference to long-form content. Word count matters, as it shows the search engine that your site has plenty of information to crawl through and to offer to visitors. What they means for a bankruptcy lawyer is that it's time to show off what you know.

Practice Area Content

These are the pages that will help you rank in your main keywords or phrases, such as "bankruptcy law firm," "Chapter 7 bankruptcy," "Chapter 13 bankruptcy," etc. Your goal is to provide content that is more helpful and complete than that of competing firms. After all, you're trying to beat those firms to the top of the search results page for some very competitive terms and one way to do that is to offer more.

After you've created a good amount of high quality content relevant to your practice areas and your target audience, optimize that content for SEO by including keywords and terms people looking for a bankruptcy law firm are using to search. This might take some research and analysis, as the search terms aren't always the ones you'd predict.

Your content is what demonstrates your authority in your field and not just to your site visitors. Google has become increasingly sophisticated and it will pick up on meager or duplicated content. Your rankings will change accordingly.

Supportive Content

Supportive content can help your site rank in some less competitive keywords and phrases, which you can then use to direct visitors to your practice area pages.

SEO produces the best results as a sustained, dynamic and long-term online marketing strategy. Whether you go it alone or opt to work with a professional SEO firm for lawyers, this page can provide a blueprint to start you on the road to success and growth through SEO techniques specifically for law firm marketing. SEO marketing for lawyers involves many factors. While utilizing strategic keywords and phrases to communicate the focus of your page to search engines is important keyword research is critical to SEO success--many more elements have an impact on SEO marketing, including:

Website Optimization

Google uses your site’s header, title, images, URL and content to index it. These attributes allow the search engine to file your content in a place where users can easily find it—and bringing users to your site is the first step in converting them into customers. If they cannot find you, they can’t become clients

Ease of Navigation

Just like in a face-to-face meeting with an attorney, a client’s first impression of your webpage is critical—it establishes trust when content is well-organized and the client can find the information they need without frustration. Aside from providing great content, the website must be clean, efficient and easy for those needing legal services to understand. Time spent on each page on your website and how often users must resort to the Back button—known as a Bounce—impact SEO.

Relevant and Current Content

Users come to your site for information that is regularly updated and useful. When creating content, law firms should include keywords search engines can pick up, but that is no longer enough. Be careful of duplicate content and outdated information and make sure content clients need is readily accessible--features like a frequently asked questions page, for example.


Search engines move from one page to the next through links. When another site links to yours and sends the search engine to you, your rank improves. The architecture of your site’s internal links is also important and an SEO professional can help make the most of your site’s structure, link building and content. By ensuring industry-relevant keywords and website navigation work together, SEO for law firms helps your page display readily and reach clients who are looking for your an attorney through a search engine like google.

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On Long Island, NY (New York), NewSunSEO offers; Long Island SEO / Local SEO Long Island / Pay Per Click / Long Island Web Design / Long Island Web Development as a full service Internet marketing company providing a full range of digital marketing services to Long Island business owners using leading SEO strategies, which include search engine optimized content marketing. As an award-winning Long Island SEO company, we also offer Local SEO, Logo Design, Web Design and Web Development to small and large businesses throughout Long Island NY, New York, The Tri State area & beyond.

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In Portland, OR (Oregon) NewSunSEO offers; Portland SEO / Portland Local SEO / Pay Per Click / Portland Web Design / Portland Web Development as a full service Internet marketing company providing a full range of digital marketing services to Portland business owners using leading SEO strategies, which include search engine optimized content marketing. As an award-winning Portland SEO company, we also offer Local SEO, Logo Design, Web Design and Web Development to small and large businesses throughout Portland OR, Oregon, The Beaver State surrounding areas & beyond.

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