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Michael Madarash, Kokobo Landscapes:

"I have worked with NewSunSEO for more than 10 years and during that time, they have gone above and beyond my expectations. My products and services are extremely niche based… Urban landscaping is not a typical market so I wanted to be sure that the potential customers were immediately exposed to my website upon searching for my services. The goals were achievable and the campaigns were flexible based on my current budget. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone looking for SEO services."

Dr. Brenton Crowhurst, Calgary Psychologist:

"I've been working with NewSunSEO since the spring of 2014 to promote my psychotherapy practice and I'm more than pleased to comment on how delighted I've been with this company. I was first impressed with their communication in how responsive they are to any question or concern straight away. In "this day and age", that's unusual and it's especially reassuring here, since the SEO world is all somewhat mysterious to me. Second thing, NewSunSEO have take the time to truly understand my Business. When you've worked with other firms that just don't seem to "get it," you realize how important this can be. Third, NewSunSEO has delivered steady positive results that have developed over time as described at the outset. I'm very pleased to give NewSunSEO my best rating. Except to my local competitors. They should look elsewhere."

Ari Rutan, New Jersey HVAC:

"We've been working with NewSunSEO for more than 3 years now. They built our Websitesite and have maintained it until this day. Something that I like about them is that when we have any trouble with the Websitesite, they really care and do not give up until it's fixed."

Melinda A. Willis-Girnus:

"I've worked with NewSunSEO for many years and they are an outstanding company. Keep up the great performance!"

Sean Cook, Salyris Studios:

"Joe and the team of NewSunSEO are the absolute best we have every worked with. We have been working with Joe and NewSunSEO since 2004 and we can ALWAYS count on them to be professional, courteous and is consistently on top of the latest SEO / PPC / SMM / SEM news, strategies, best practices. If you really want to rank high in all of the SERPs then look no further! We will continue to work with Joe and his team at NewSunSEO since they always deliver top notch work!"

Tom Glenn, East Coast Graphics:

"We were looking to totally re-vamp our existing Websitesite. Not only did we want a new design but we wanted to implement informative tools for our clients to use on our site. After researching many Websitesite development companies, we choose NewSunSEO. I just want to say thanks for a great job and being so responsive. It's not everyday that you find someone that you can depend on to get a job done in a timely manner and we appreciate it! Hopefully we can work on some projects in the future. With our new site up and running, we are extremely pleased with the finished product. From concept to completion, NSS's attention to detail is unsurpassed in the industry. We would highly recommend NSS to anyone who wants a great product at a competitive price!"

Ami Tsohn, MicroShred LLC:

"I have been receiving my SEO services from NewSunSEO for many years now and found this crew very reliable. I have had many SEO companies trying to get my Business but I have been extremely satisfied with the results and ease working with them that everything else has been out of the question. Besides, no one offers the extent of services and transparency provided by NewSunSEO. I would highly recommend them to a friend. I always feel I am receiving my money's worth. I always feel that NewSunSEO stands strong behind their services."

Ari Rutan, Long Island Ale House:

"We've been working with NewSunSEO for more than two years now. They built our Websitesite and have maintained it until this day. Something that I like about them is that when we have any trouble with the Websitesite, they really care and do not give up until it's fixed."

Tom Ingald, North Fork Trolley Company:

"NewSunSEO and I have been together since the inception of my Business. They have designed my Websitesite, my Business cards, took my photographs and helped me step by step with a Website presence which provides my company with the bulk of my clients. In the middle of my 2005 season my computer crashed. The experts at NewSunSEO were able to retrieve almost all my documents from my dead computer and had me up and running with a new computer with no time lost. Their hosting is always there when needed and overall, they are a pleasure to deal with as individuals. The North Fork Trolley Company highly recommends NewSunSEO."

"I've worked with NewSunSEO on two of my Internet Businesses and I can tell you that no matter who you use, it is a process. There is no quick fix to a #1 ranking. I have worked with a total of 3 companies who perform this service and I have found NewSunSEO to be the most determined to succeed. I constantly receive emails on status and NewSunSEO has been the best in my experience when it came to working hard to get the job done. StockPromoters started off in the millions on and is currently ranked about 180,000. NewSunSEO has also built a few Websitesites for clients of mine and they were very happy with the results."

Patti Kelly, Fitness Plus:

"NewSunSEO has been a great investment for our Health Club. NSS has been very efficient, professional and helpful to us. They have produced some great advertising pieces for us and I am glad that we use NewSunSEO for our advertising needs."

Allison Milano, Healthy Inspirations:

"We were a new company just getting off the ground looking for an advertising company to create all our initial marketing materials for a reasonable price. We selected NewSunSEO for many reasons. They offered all the services that we needed for an unbeatable price and provided top-notch customer service. Needless to say, NewSunSEO did an outstanding job creating our company logo, Business cards and Websitesite. We receive a ton of complements from our clients and have NewSunSEO to thank for doing such a great job on all our marketing materials."

Jon Edwards, Numatic Records:

"I have done a lot of Business with NewSunSEO. The quality and the pricing of their work is outstanding. They achieve excellence in a timely manner. I would highly recommend their expertise and services."

Manny, We Home Network:

"The staff at NewSunSEO were amazing how quickly they were able to gather the marketing information necessary to design a Websitesite that was content filled and informative. The design and message came out perfect. Any potential customer visiting our Websitesite is impressed. The team at NewSunSEO designed our site quickly and easily. I would recommend this company to anyone interested in tasteful site design and effective Internet marketing solutions."


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