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Long Island is a densely populated island about half a mile from Manhattan. Reaching over 100 miles into the Atlantic Ocean, it is the longest and largest island in the contiguous United States, and more people call Long Island home than all of Ireland, making it one of the most populous islands in the world. It is rich in natural beauty, history, and culture.

Of all its features, Long Island is perhaps best known for its beautiful beaches. Favorites include Jones Beach State Park, Coopers Beach, Orient State Park, Robert Moses State Park, Montauk Point, and Fire Island. Seal and whale watching opportunities are available at Montauk, Jones Beach, and Cupsogue Beach. Long Island is also home to more than twenty-five lighthouses, each with a unique history of its own.

In fact, the whole island is ripe with history. One can still walk the Spy Trail and visit locations critical to General George Washington’s espionage efforts during the American Revolution. Long Island is also home to Sagamore Hill, the summer White House of Theodore Roosevelt. Walt Whitman, one of America’s most famous poets, was born in West Hills. His home is now a museum that houses several original manuscripts, portraits, letters, and artifacts.

Another literary and historical legacy lives on in Long Island’s “Gold Coast” region, where castles, mansions, and estates of the Roaring Twenties—as immortalized by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby—sit upon the North Shore bluffs. Visitors can tour Old Westbury Gardens, Oheka Castle, the Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium, Sands Point Preserve, the Glen Cove Mansion, and the Planting Fields Arboretum.

Long Island’s East End on the North Fork is the place to go for harborfront villages, excellent dining and craft breweries, and of course Long Island Wine Country. Several wineries are also located on the South Fork, near the island’s famed, affluent Hamptons.

Of course, the New York Mets baseball team plays at Citi Field in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Queens. The Brooklyn Cyclones are a minor-league team associated with the Mets. The former home of the Mets was Shea Stadium.

Like all of New York City, Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk counties are culturally diverse. Brooklyn and Queens are part of Long Island, and they are home to people of all backgrounds, with a growing Hispanic and Asian population. Many celebrities have also chosen to make their homes on Long Island, including Anderson Cooper, Neil Patrick Harris, and Beyoncé.

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Long Island Local SEO Agency

NewSunSEO is a full service Internet marketing & Long Island Local SEO company, providing a full range of Internet marketing services. In addition to Local SEO, we also offer SEO, Logo Design, Website Design & Website Development to small and large businesses throughout South Carolina. We provide custom internet marketing services for our clients, which are proven to bring your business more leads, customers & sales. Work with a local SEO company in Myrtle Beach to help your business achieve a higher ranking.

Long Island business owners know that customers are no longer looking for products and services in the phone book, local newspaper, or through television or radio ads. Business calls and sales are no longer generated through traditional advertising.

Today, the overwhelming majority of new customers will come to your Long Island NY business through the internet. The only way to grow sales in the current market is to be found by potential customers online. Search Engine Optimization is absolutely essential, because 94 percent of clients never go past the first search results page (SERP). If your Long Island company is on even the second page, you're fighting for a piece of that leftover 5 percent of potential business.

If you're not using Search Engine Optimization SEO to get your company to the top of the search engine results, it's not hard to imagine how many calls you are losing to businesses that are taking advantage of local SEO services--probably with the help of experienced SEO companies.

The good news for your company in Long Island? You can rise in the rankings, get your fair share of search engine traffic, and grow your business through Long Island SEO services and a sound search engine marketing strategy. It's okay if you don't know much about SEO or internet marketing--our SEO services will take care of every aspect of your SEO campaign, social media marketing, pay per click ad campaigns, Google My Business profile, web pages, and much more. As a Long Island business owner, you won't have to worry about your website or online marketing--just answering the phone, serving your customers here in New York, and watching your company grow.

NewSunSEO is a full-service, results-driven internet marketing agency in Long Island NY. We are an award winning Long Island SEO company / marketing company with over eighteen years of experience in search engine optimization, web site building and design, and all aspects of online marketing. We are eager to serve local business in Long Island, New York City, or elsewhere in New York state, and we specialize in local search engine rankings.

Contact us to get started with a top New York internet marketing team that will get you search traffic, get you ranking in Google search results, get your site in front of new customers, and help you grow your business.

Aspects of Successful Local SEO Campaigns

Local businesses in Long Island need to achieve high rankings in local search. Page rankings are so crucial that the top three local Google results for any products and services will take over half of the business generated right off the top. Whether you are a large or small business, you need to rank in a local Google search. As Long Island local SEO professionals, we use a variety of methods to drive local traffic to your site and help it rise to the top of the search results page. Through local search engine optimization, your company in Long Island can land a spot in Google's coveted "3-pack" - the three businesses right below the map - and you will see your business increase exponentially.

The bottom line is that SEO is most effective as a long term and multifaceted marketing approach. Our SEO service team will exploit every opportunity to increase your website traffic and get you in front of clients here in Long Island / Suffolk County. Search engine optimization services are one of the best practices for businesses who want to rank in local search, bolster online marketing, and increase sales. SEO cost is low compared to traditional advertising, and it is more effective at reaching new customers.

What are some of the ways we achieve internet visibility, get your business name in front of clients, and get you on the first page of a Google search?

Web Design

Web design is important to SEO / search engine optimization campaigns for several reasons. One of the most obvious is that a good-looking, easy to navigate, and professional website will increase your credibility with customers. How long customers stay on your page influences rankings. A search engine also rates your website by whether it can easily crawl through your content--if it encounters broken links and error messages while traveling through your website, your rank will be affected. One of the most important things you can do to boost your Long Island SEO is to get the most from your website. Our top Long Island SEO company will start your business on the road to success with a thorough analysis of your website, followed by rebuilding or altering it with SEO in mind.

Google is constantly evolving to direct its users to the best sites. Your company site should be the first item on your SEO checklist. If it isn't up to standard, our search engine marketing team is ready to help.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Our Long Island SEO services encompass on-site SEO & off-site SEO strategies. Both are necessary to rank in even slightly competitive niches. Title tags, META descriptions, keyword research, mobile friendliness, content creation, LSI keywords, and high domain authority link building are just a few aspects of the SEO work we do for you.

Every client we work with receives a custom SEO / Local SEO strategy for their business website. This is a sustained approach designed to draw search engines to websites and in turn, get them seen by clients in Suffolk County.

Our SEO experts use Google Analytics and other tools to track and report website traffic, and those findings are then incorporated into the SEO report and strategy we develop, because it's important to not only optimize websites, but to adapt as technology and user behavior evolves. Our web design services assist you in keeping up with a changing digital landscape. We are an SEO agency with nearly two decades of experience, and we will get your website ranking--fast--with the most innovative SEO solutions, all customized to your unique situation.

Focus On Local Search Volume

Whether your business operates one location or several locations, NewSunSEO can get you top Google Places rankings with our Local SEO services. Our Local SEO Internet marketing services include ongoing optimization of your Google My Business listing, Google places, ongoing NAP citation audits, NAP citation cleanup / duplicate suppression. and NAP citation building. Local search reports are sent to you each time we finish working on your NAP citations. Research shows that most new local business comes from organic search, so alerting search engines to your site is crucial to gaining customers.

Technical SEO

Here we add or optimize your Schema markup, improve mobile responsiveness, leverage browser caching, minify CSS / JavaScript / HTML, improve page load speed, optimize images, add GZIP compression, and dozens of other technical SEO tweaks to your website to increase your Google rankings.

Content Marketing

NewSunSEO employs a top team of talented writers who create original, SEO optimized content that your website visitors will want to read. Our SEO team is local to and familiar with New York, and we are well versed in not only providing business information, but doing it in a way that boosts internet visibility, drives sales, and keeps calls coming in.

Backlink Building and Local Citations

Backlinks continue to be one of the biggest Google ranking factors. It is no longer quantity of backlinks, but quality of backlinks from high domain authority websites. In the eighteen years we've been doing SEO, we have built numerous backlink building relationships / resources in nearly every niche. NAP citations are just a part of backlink building. We have the ability to get you the high quality backlinks you need to move up in Google rankings for your most competitive keywords. Positive customer reviews can work wonders in getting people to your website and getting calls--and sales. Call us to learn more.

Social Media and Overall Web Presence

Your local SEO strategy goes beyond your website. A solid local SEO campaign also includes "off-site" digital marketing such as customer reviews. You can use social media to connect with customers, but you must make sure your social media presence and profile pages are professional, engaging, and up to date. Managing and making the most of your overall web presence is another way an internet marketing agency or SEO company can drive traffic and keep your company phone number and email address front and center. If you do not have the time or staff to manage this aspect of marketing yourself, we highly recommend outsourcing it.

Keyword Research

Do you know which words and phrases users are searching to find your site? SEO consultants will conduct a thorough analysis to make sure your site content is working hard to bring visitors. Our web design and SEO clients often think they know which terms and keyword phrases are bringing visitors, when in fact searchers are using different or unexpected keywords. It's one of the issues that can hamper your marketing efforts even when you're doing everything else right, so we highly recommend investigating. And because keywords change, this is something that must be monitored and adjusted. We offer SEO packages that provide this service to our clients, along with the services previously mentioned. You don't have to take time away from day-to-day operations to monitor keywords.

Because NewSunSEO is full-service, our goal is to be your one-stop source for everything you need to promote your business online. We will not only personalize our SEO efforts to get you ranking in Google, we will monitor your Google My Business profile for accuracy (address, business email address, and phone number), manage social media and other profile pages, and create all the written and graphic content you need. You can find further information about our other services elsewhere on this site, or by calling us today.

NewSunSEO Long Island Location:

Creating Your Web Marketing Strategy

Our search engine optimization services are started with a generally similar approach, regardless of your location. We get to know the strengths of your business and create a plan similar to the image above. We then look for the areas of your website in need of the most improvement and begin to execute a custom strategy to improve your websites position in the search engines. This is done through our Search Engine Optimization services combined with high quality Content Marketing distributed through Social Media to increase your social signals and high authority backlinks to your website. Calls to action are tested and improved and ranking reports are sent to you throughout the month. There are no long term contracts with us either, working with us is on a month to month basis and the time we work can be increased or decreased at any time. Contact Us Today

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