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Our List Of The Best SEO Tools We Use

Table of Contents

General Tools / Services

Social Media / Subscribers


Site Analysis / Rank Checking

SEO PowerSuite (Limited Free Version Available) - This group of software is must have for anyone serious about doing SEO. There are two versions, the professional which has tons of features and the enterprise version which offers a few more things more for a large Internet marketing company. The professional version offers plenty though and can be upgraded at any time, so we'd suggest starting with the pro version.

SEM Rush (Free Version Available) - This is another excellent set of tools. The free account is limited in depth, but still provides a lot of insight. There are several premium options. This software provides A LOT of insight into organic keyword positions for your site and your competitors. It also tracks AdWords data if you're advertising there. Additionally, it provides a lot of data on your Backlinks and again, allows you to compare these metrics with your competitors. It has a keyword research tool as well. There is also a site audit feature that actually returns a fair amount of data in the free version, among several more great data points in the software, definitely worth taking a look.

MySiteAuditor (Free Version Available) - White label and embed their website audit tool onto your own website. The software is one of the better audit tools we've come across and a nice addition to anyone looking for a deep analysis & comparison of their website with competitors. The scans are free, embedding their tool into your account requires a monthly subscription, there are two paid plans currently available.

UpCity (Free SEO Report Offered) - Several plans are offered, which create actionable reports to improve keyword rankings, Backlinks, competitor analysis, local SEO and more. There are options to white label the reports as well as add the tools to your own website. They also offer a free SEO report card.

Backlink Checking

SEO SpyGlass (Limited free version available) - This is part of SEO PowerSuite (Linked above) and a definite MUST for us in our list of software tools. You can check your Backlink portfolio with great depth, as well as those of your competitors. Shows you new links, deleted links and more.

Google Webmaster Tools (Free) - Add your site and get a group of free & helpful tools for your site like structured data, sitelinks, Google index insight, manual actions, remove URLs and more.

Bing Site Explorer (Free) - Another group of free tools for gaining insight from what Bing sees about your site.

Site / Page Speed Tools

GTmetrix (Free and Paid Plans) - An in depth scan / analysis of page speed for your website. Over 50 different data points that display a grade on the speed of different aspects of your pages, with recommendations how to improve each factor. A GREAT tool for anyone serious about SEO or providing faster page load times / UX (User experience).

CloudFlare (Free and Paid Plans) - Offers Content Delivery Services (CDN). Their service, servers up the static content of your website like images etc. from servers all over the world. Basically what this does is speed up the delivery of files to the end users computer. It does this by delivering your sites files from servers closer to the person visiting your site. We use this service and have seen a definite improvement in page speed delivery times. They also offer a free account, which has a number of really good features. It's relatively easy to setup, you just need to point your DNS to their name servers & wait for DNS to propagate the Internet. Definitely look into CDN's and this company particularly.

MaxCDN (Free Trial) - Offers Content Delivery Services (CDN). Their service, servers up the static content of your website like images etc. from servers all over the world. Basically what this does is speed up the delivery of files to the end users computer. It does this by delivering your sites files from servers closer to the person visiting your site. This company is another offering lots of features, with plans starting at $9 / month. Using a CDN will definitely speed up delivery of your websites files and Google has stated really fast websites do receive a small push in the SERPs because of their speed.

VPN Software

HideMyAss - We've tested dozens of VPN software & this is definitely one of our favorites. It is feature packed & very fast. We're not aware of another VPN service with so many servers / IP's spread around the world and we're definitely not aware of anything that offers nearly the features of HMA. Some of what you can do with VPN software is surf the Internet anonymously and evade hackers from gaining access to your personal information, even when connected to public wi-fi connections. We use this all the time for added security.

VYPR VPN - The support with this company is fantastic. The VPN interface is simpler than HMA, which can be better for users new to VPN, however VYPR is a first class VPN piece of software. The connections are VERY fast, there are many features and a BIG bonus is they include a Cloud Storage account with up to 50GB of space with the VYPR VPN accounts too!

Internet Scanner Alerts

Google Alerts (Free) - An excellent Free tool (Even better when used with TalkWalker Alerts) for being alerted whenever there is a new mention of your brand, company, name, clients or anything else you'd like to be alerted to being posted to the Internet. A great way to engage your audience and build more traffic to your site.

Social media Management

Hootsuite (Free Version Available) - Manage social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and more. Schedule messages, engage with audiences and manage everything from a single dashboard. Free version let's you manage up to 3 accounts, the pro version lets you manage up to 100 social media accounts.

Buffer (Free Version Available) - Manage social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This tool is very similar to Hootsuite above, it currently supports less social networks than Hootsuite, but it does have a real nice and clean interface. Schedule messages, engage with audiences and manage everything from a single dashboard, free for one account with premium subscriptions for adding more social media accounts.


Tweepi (Free Version Available) - This service is similar to JustUnfollow below with silver & platinum premium accounts that increase the limits on the free account. The free account let's you flush unfollows, reciprocate followers, cleanup inactive followers, force users to unfollow you and helps you find new users to follow. Great Twitter tool.

JustUnfollow (Free Version Available) - This another feature full, free service for one Twitter account. There are paid plans for up to 100 accounts. It shows your non-followers, fans, recent unfollowers, recent followers and inactive followers. It let's you copy other Twitter user followers, search by keywords for new followers, shows you active / interested followers. You can unfollow up to 200 accounts and follow up to 50 in any 24 hour period. Another great Twitter tool.


PinAlerts / TailWindApps (Free) - PinAlerts has been aquired by Tail Wind Apps. It is still free & is Great tool for tracking Pins from your website. Whenever a visitor to your site pins something from your website to Pinterest, you can be alerted either as it happens, once an hour, once and day or once a week. Definitely another great tool for tracking what's being shared by others from your website and offers you an ability to engage with them on Pinterest once your content has been shared. You can also track competitor websites to see what is being pinned most from their sites as well.

Social Media Signals

Fiverr - Pick from hundreds of great gigs for an assorted array of social media services, video creation, articles, graphic design, online marketing, translation, music & audio, programming / tech, advertising, Business & a lot more. Gigs start at $5 and go from there!


aWeber - We've used this company for many things over the years and have always been really happy with the service. NO complaints here. Plans start at $1 the first month, then go to $19 / for up to 500 subscribers. It is VERY easy to setup subscription forms and customize them. Really great service.

Article Spinning

The Best Spinner - In our opinion this really is the best spinner. It has a built in English thesaurus, with hundreds of millions of entries added by its users through the cloud. It has dozens of other features, but bottom line, the articles it outputs are better quality than any other software we've come across.

Duplicate Content

Virante - Virante Duplicate Content Tool is an excellent resource one can use to check for common duplicate content issues.


Fiverr - If you need a video for your site, there are tons of gigs starting at just $5. Make sure you look at the reviews & work they've done for others, some gigs are great and others aren't, but it's a great place to get videos for very little money.

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