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Hotel and Resort SEO

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization for Hotels and Resorts

Higher Ranking on the Search Results Page

Hotels and resorts who reach the top three search results receive over 50 percent of the clicks. The number one result in a Google search gets 31.7 percent of clicks! Even the last result on the first page gets less than 3 percent of user clicks. What's more, research shows that 95 percent of consumers never venture beyond the first search results page.

If potential guests don't find your hotel or resort on the first page, chances are they won't find it at all. They'll click on a competitor's site first.

It's not hard to see why you want your hotel or resort to perform well in search engines, but that's not the only benefit of digital marketing and SEO.

Ready to get started? Read on, or contact us now to see how search engine optimization and digital marketing can take your hotel or resort to the next level.

Customers Come To You

With SEO services for hotels, you aren't advertising in the hopes a future traveler will see it. One of the best parts of an SEO campaign is that your clients come looking for you - you just have position yourself where you'll be seen, and then your hotel website will enjoy more traffic and more bookings. In addition, SEO is a marketing strategy that works for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Build Brand Awareness

With more website traffic comes more visibility, more links, more reviews. more people talking about your hotel and sharing pictures on social media. An effective SEO strategy gets your business name and image where people can see - and remember - it.

Getting Started with SEO for Hotels and Resorts

Getting the search engine results you want for your hotel website is a complex process that involves a lot of variables, many of which depend on each other for success. The best SEO strategy is one that takes full advantage of every opportunity to get your hotel to the top of the search results. Some elements of successful SEO campaign include:

Websites for Hotels and Resorts

For even small hotels and resorts, a professional website is an absolute necessity. The hotel and resort industry is a competitive one, and it can take very little for a search engine - or a potential guest - to decide another site deserves more attention. A hotel website that contains broken links or errors, one that loads too slowly, or worst of all, one that makes the booking process difficult or frustrating will lose both business and its ranking.

Your website's page title tags, meta descriptions, URL, internal link structure, image optimization and image alt text, headings and subheadings, loading speed, sitemap, and of course content all influence your rank in search engines. Search engines like Google penalize sites for broken links, error messages, slow load speeds, and so on.

Images and visuals

Visual marketing is important for hotels and resorts. Users visit the site to decide if they like the look or the property, so the hotel pages should be full of dynamic and enticing photographic and video content. If your business can use this content to showcase what sets it apart from every other hotel, it's so much the better.

User Experience

Users should be able to intuitively and seamlessly navigate the hotel website, easily finding everything they need like amenities, room rates, frequently asked questions, chat, and more. The booking button should be prominent on every page.

Efficient Online Booking

Users want an effortless process when booking a hotel online. It's vitally important that online booking goes off without a hitch, because users will lose confidence quickly.

Live Chat

Guests will book with confidence when they can contact you easily. A chat feature can showcase your hotel's hospitality and commitment to service right from the beginning.

Translation Options

This added feature is a nice bonus that visitors from other countries will appreciate!

Overall Design

Every element on your hotel website should have marketing in mind. Color choices, fonts, layouts, and copy all reinforce the image you want to convey, whether it be elegance and luxury, coziness and relaxation, or adventure and fun in the sun. To make the most of your online presence your website should deliver a seamless user experience.

Website Design at NewSunSEO

Are you a hotel or resort in need of a website or a website overhaul? Contact us to work with some of the best professionals in the industry on sites optimized for search and conversions from the beginning. Several of the staff here at NewSunSEO also have backgrounds in art and design, and we understand the elements needed to make hotels stand out in a sea of competitors.

Mobile Friendly Site

Today, more than 60 percent of searches are done from mobile devices, and that number is not likely to go down anytime soon. Hotels and resorts need websites that look great and function properly no matter what device a potential guest is using. One of the best strategies for hotels is a responsive website that adjusts its features to the users device.

Using Keywords

Keyword research is important because to get in front of people who will book a stay, you need to know what terms they are using to search for properties like your. People interested in a family resort will use different keywords than solo travelers looking for a hostel or budget hotel. A hotel hoping to improve search engine results cannot guess what its most relevant keywords will be - ongoing research and monitoring is needed. Many hotel keywords and phrases are very competitive, so it's important not to waste effort on those that aren't drawing traffic.

Content Management

Every website needs high quality, relevant content - and hotels need more than most. Search engines like Google judge websites on content, and they prefer longer form pages. For a hotel, this means going beyond a room description and rate. Pages that talk about services, attractions in the area, travel in general, local business, and so on will be rewarded with more website traffic and better rankings.

Building Links to Hotel and Resort Websites

Keywords and keyword research are important, but links from high authority sites - preferably those in the hospitality or travel industry - tell Google yours is a hotel website worth visiting. Link building establishes trust in your site, and it has the added advantage of bringing some traffic to your web pages from other sites.

Get your hotel or resort listed on as many hospitality industry websites (like TripAdvisor) and quality, high authority online hotel directories as possible to build a network of backlinks from trusted sources. Writing articles or blog posts about your area, the hospitality industry, or travel in general can also earn you valuable links.

Link building is a time-intensive pursuit, but it's an important part of showing Google your hotel is one where it should send its users.


Reviews help build links. Reviews are also particularly important to hotels because they hold a lot of weight with people considering a stay. Hotels or the SEO company they work with should actively solicit reviews as part of their link building and digital marketing strategies.

Local SEO

More than any other industry, hotels and resorts are location-specific; when someone searches for a hotel or resort, it HAS to be located in the are they plan to visit. Therefore, it's more important than ever to make sure your site is optimized for local SEO and local search. To rank higher in local search, use local keywords in your content and include plenty of local supporting information - such as things to do in the area, restaurants, attractions, and so on.

Hotels and resorts should also register their properties on Google Maps and claim their local listings on Google My Business, Yelp, and Bing. Make sure the property's name, address, phone number, and links are consistent across all directories.

Hotel and Resort Ad Campaigns

Online advertising on social media and other travel-relates sites can benefit hotels, but like SEO, it hinges on strategies that target your ideal customer base. Pay per click and similar ads will squander a hotel's marketing budget if they are not run on the right websites, using the right keywords. Results should be continually monitored for return on investment and adjusted accordingly.

That said, online ads still draw less traffic than organic search. They can be effective as part of an overall digital marketing campaign, but they can't take the place of keyword research, a quality website, a robust portfolio of high authority links, and the other elements that help travelers find you through search engine optimization.

Hotel SEO at NewSunSEO

We are a full service SEO company and digital marketing agency. Our diverse staff can help with all of your online needs: website design, SEO services, (web page optimization, keyword research, link building, rank monitoring) content creation (written and visual), Google My Business optimization and other local SEO services, social media management, online reputation and review management, logo design and graphics, branding, and marketing strategies.

If you need hotel SEO services and solid marketing strategies that will bring your hotel results, contact us today.

NewSunSEO, while offering our services nationwide, currently has locations in these areas:

Long Island, NY

On Long Island, NY (New York), NewSunSEO offers; Long Island SEO / Local SEO Long Island / Pay Per Click / Long Island Web Design / Long Island Web Development as a full service Internet marketing company providing a full range of digital marketing services to Long Island business owners using leading SEO strategies, which include search engine optimized content marketing. As an award-winning Long Island SEO company, We also offer Local SEO, Web Design and Web Development to small and large businesses throughout Long Island NY, New York, The Tri State area & beyond.

Myrtle Beach, SC

In Myrtle Beach, SC (South Carolina) NewSunSEO offers; Myrtle Beach SEO / Local SEO Myrtle Beach / Pay Per Click / Myrtle Beach Web Design / Myrtle Beach Web Development as a full service Internet marketing company providing a full range of digital marketing services to Myrtle Beach business owners using leading SEO strategies, which include search engine optimized content marketing. As an award-winning Myrtle Beach SEO company, we also offer Local SEO and Web Development to small and large businesses throughout Myrtle Beach SC, South Carolina, The Grand Strand area & beyond.

Portland, OR

In Portland, OR (Oregon) NewSunSEO offers; Portland SEO / Portland Local SEO / Pay Per Click / Portland Web Design / Portland Web Development as a full service Internet marketing company providing a full range of digital marketing services to Portland business owners using leading SEO strategies, which include search engine optimized content marketing. As an award-winning Portland SEO company, We also offer Local SEO, Web Design and Web Development to small and large businesses throughout Portland OR, Oregon, The Beaver State surrounding areas & beyond.

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