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Logo Design

Some logo designs are instantly recognizable. When a customer sees it, their mind goes straight to the company that logo represents. Imagine your company with an iconic logo that makes people think of your business--and only your business--every time they see it. It's a powerful marketing tool that can keep your business name front and center.

Unfortunately, landing on a great logo isn't as easy as it might look. It doesn't happen by chance. Successful logo design, like most aspects of business and marketing, incorporates a balance of researched and proven elements. There's more to a professional logo than meets the eye, and it isn't due to luck that businesses like Apple and Coca-Cola boast logos that are not only immediately recognizable, but have stood the test of time. They were purposely designed that way by someone who understood all the variables involved in an impactful logo.

NewSunSEO offers a logo design service that will set your company apart. Our knowledge of both design and marketing and experience with brand identity will result in a logo that will make you look professional, attract customers to your website and business, and be useful in so many ways.

We start by getting to know you, your business, your vision, values, and goals. From there, our professional logo designers will put together over thirty designs for you to consider. We're happy to make revisions and customize your logo until you get the results you want. We ensure you have the tools you need to translate your designs onto any platform.

You own and retain the new logo and its copyrights. If we design a logo for you, it's yours, and you're free to use it in any way you like.

What is a logo?

A logo is an image, text, shape, or combination of these elements that identifies a business. This graphic mark or emblem identifies your company at a glance, and because of that, a professional logo is a key component to building your brand recognition.

What can a professional logo do for your business?

Nearly every company, from local businesses to huge, multinational corporations, uses some sort of graphic to represent itself, and for good reason. There are many benefits to a good custom logo, including:

Brand identity

If your logo is doing its job, it will convey, at a glance, not just your company name, but your brand personality and business values. Your brand identity is how your audience and potential customers perceive and feel about your business--including the quality of your products or services--and an effective logo design helps define it. With that in mind, it's easy to make the connection between a logo that is high quality and professional and a business that is seen the same way. Of course, the same is true for poor quality logos.

Promotional Opportunities

Your company will use your perfect logo everywhere: on business cards, on your website, and even on your building. But the opportunities to turn your logo into lead-generating promotions don't end there. It can be added to inexpensive items like key chains and pens and given to customers... which will then be seen by other potential customers. Logos can be used in contests or to represent your company if you sponsor an event or organize a charitable campaign. The possibilities are almost unlimited. The more you're seen, the better.


Imagine being a tired driver on a long trip, when a billboard featuring the iconic Starbucks mermaid comes into view. A smile will come to your face, because in a matter of seconds, you've recognized that logo and instantly associated it with a product or service you want. Having a logo design that customers recognize quickly as belonging to you is an invaluable marketing asset, because as soon as they see the logo, they are reminded of what you offer. What's more, the right logo will stick in the customer's mind, so that when they need a particular product, they'll think of that logo... and your business. How many people picture the Starbucks logo when they're in the mood for a cup of coffee?

You might also notice how successful companies reinforce their brand through consistency--their logo appears on their products and packaging, promotional materials, website, social media pages... everywhere they might be seen by prospective customers.

What are your options for acquiring a logo for your business?

You do have options when it comes to logo design, and they vary in terms of cost and quality. Of course you can make your own logo--but continue reading to get an overview of the design and marketing elements, as well as the technical specifications you'll want to take into account. This is an option if you have some artistic ability and a small budget

Other ways to get a logo for free include using an online logo maker/free logo maker. These logo templates can be found with a quick search and are an option to create your own logo. A logo generator has advantages and disadvantages--the big advantage, of course, is cost. Many logo creators are inexpensive or even free. On the downside, they might be very limited in terms of design elements, colors, fonts, etc.

A logo creator is also going to give you something fairly generic. You'll be restricted to adding some flourishes to a ready-made design; you won't be able to build something from the ground up that's unique to your business. You also won't have the advantage of the marketing knowledge and design tips a professional can provide. You might not have the tools you'll need to resize or convert files.

What are the elements of a successful logo design?

Logo designs are all around us--on websites and social media, in stores, on products, in magazines. Yet some succeed in drawing business while others are overlooked. Why? Most likely it's a combination of factors. The best logos cover all their bases, and the perfect logo checks every one of the boxes below. To get the most out of your business logo, it should be:


We live in a fast-paced world where we're constantly bombarded with stimulus. A customer who spends an hour searching and shopping on the Internet is exposed to dozens if not hundreds of company logos. They won't remember most of them. Those that they do recall will make an immediate impression--to do that, it has to catch their eye, translate easily, and have something special to make it stand out. When you create a logo, ask yourself if it's a design more likely to be remembered than the logos around it.

Clean and Simple

In custom logo design, less is very often more. Your logo should translate at a glance. Consumers are busy, and if they have to scrutinize your logo to pick out and understand the design, they almost certainly won't. They're also far less likely to remember a logo with a complex series of elements--and that means they won't think of it or your company name when they need a product or service. You don't want to make a logo that looks cluttered or uses a fussy style. Consumers will associate a poorly executed company logo with a subpar business. A logo designer familiar with customer impressions can help you refine your ideas into a version that is sleek and translates well to a mobile device or business card.


A logo that is a clone of a dozen others in your industry won't serve you well. The lack of originality is a big drawback to free logo templates and a big reason to budget for a top logo designer. You don't need a logo that doesn't set you apart and stick with customers. With so many brands bombarding consumers with images, it only takes a second to lose all chance of being noticed or remembered. That said, there's a line between unique and bizarre.

It's a fine line to be sure. You want people to recognize your industry, but you don't want a design that they'll confuse with your competitors. That could even accidentally send a client to another business! You also don't want one that feels irrelevant to the service you provide or straight up confuses people. A logo designer can assess your needs, incorporate your ideas, and produce logo variations for you to choose from. The perfect logo is one that stands out from the crowd but is easily tied to your field.

Well Designed

You might think this goes without saying, but the most successful logos are designed with knowledge of the artistic principles that make them appealing--balance and symmetry, harmonious color palettes, lines and shapes that direct the eye where you want it to go. It takes design skills and a little bit of psychology to produce a logo that best reflects your brand. Studies have shown human eyes and minds are attracted to some elements and repelled by others. Subconsciously, we make judgements very quickly--all things to consider when you get started on a custom logo.

Utilizing a design service familiar with the research--one that understands design AND marketing principles, will get you the best custom logo.

Something else to consider is your font choice. In a great logo, the fonts complement the image and text; they don't work against it. The font should also echo your brand personality. It's one more way you can make a logo that can communicate, very quickly, what your business is all about.

And of course, you want your logo and marketing materials to have a uniform appearance anywhere users might see them....

What are Pantone colors?

Colors can look very different on different devices, or between image files on a computer and printed marketing materials. Since you want your company logo to be consistent across all platforms, use the Pantone Matching System. Designers, artists, and professional logo makers of all kinds use Pantone colors to ensure your logo color is accurate anywhere it appears--something else you might miss out on with a free online logo maker.

Reflective of your brand and values

When you consider your initial logo idea, ask yourself if it reflects who you are as a business. Perhaps the first questions to consider are: Who are we? How do we express that visually? What is our brand? Timeless, elegant, high quality? Fast, exciting, cutting-edge? Fun and light-hearted? A logo design for a firearms company will (or should) look very different from one for a beauty or cosmetics brand. Consider how you can use font style, color, and more to inform about your brand and its values with just a glance. Consumers absorb these ideas on a subconscious level.

Relevant to your customer base

If it's important to reflect your values, it's at least equally as important to address the needs of your industry and its target market. You will get better results from your logo if you customize it to your audience. The cosmetics company mentioned above is likely marketing toward women and will benefit from taking steps to appeal to women. A technology or website business will want to create a logo that appeals to younger tech-enthusiasts, and a real estate business will need a logo geared toward people who value stability and have some money to invest. To catch their attention, design a logo using elements that reinforce their values as well as your own.

Technically and contextually versatile

If you opt to go the low-cost route and design a logo with a logo creator from the Internet, check the technical specs. When you download your logo, is it a high resolution file? Will you be able to customize your logo for your site, to use on promotional items, and to display on a billboard if you want to? Different types of files allow for different levels of versatility. Even a high resolution .jpg file that's 500 pixels by 500 pixels will never be recognizable when blown up to billboard size. This is part of the reason why when you get a logo for free, you get what you pay for. Design services should provide you the tools and expertise that allow you to take full advantage of your new business logo in any way you choose. Once you own your designs, you should be able to use them anywhere; make sure the technology allows for everything from business cards to banners to look top notch and make the impression your brand deserves. The quality of your custom logo design is--to consumers--an indicator of the quality of your company.

You've probably never imagined logo design could be so complex. But as a statement on your brand that you only have a few seconds to make, and as an icon that will remain tied to you for years to come, it's well worth investing in something that will give you the best return. Your logo is a symbol of who you are and what you're offering, of your values and what makes you special. Our logo design services combine marketing, psychology, and artistry. Our top notch creators will work with you until you settle on a design you'll fall in love with and want to show off.

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