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Here are some of our Law Firm SEO clients which we have RANKED Position 1 for some of their most competitive phrases. Whether you are looking for Long Island Law Firm SEO, Myrtle Beach Law Firm SEO, Portland Law Firm SEO or any other best SEO for attorneys, we can get these same SEO results for your law firm!

Law Firm Search Engine Optimization

The best SEO service for attorneys, to achieve the top-ranked position for organic search in your practice areas, you need SEO for law firms that delivers real results and knows how to reach people seeking legal advice. Potential clients rely on search engines like Google to find an attorney when they need one. How can law firm's take advantage of search engine optimization to connect with customers and draw them to the firm's website?

SEO success requires a complex and rapidly changing set of variables, which is why hiring an Search Engine Optimization company can be the best strategy to take advantage of Google and bring clients to your law firm's website.

Our SEO marketing for attorneys, the numbers don’t lie. Many of our Lawyer SEO clients rank Position 1 for their most competitive phrases, because we know how to reach your target audience. We can put your business on the map and make sure it stands out. Get started on the road to SEO success and watch your organic search results increase, your website traffic pick up, and your client base grow.

Our clients are some of the top names in their fields and they trust their success to NewSunSEO as the best SEO company for attorneys. Search engine optimization allows your website to rank highly on a Google search, one of the first steps new clients take when looking for a law firm website. The bottom line is that increasing website traffic gets law firms more business. When clients use a search engine, they're likely to engage with one of the law firms that appears near the top of the list.

To reach the highest number of prospective clients with attorney SEO, your firm needs to make the most of its SEO efforts, because search engines are how customers find the goods and services they’re looking for. For most people needing information, a product, or a professional service, Google is the first step. It's no different for law firm's; potential clients are likely to do a local search, which our SEO services for attorneys, gets your firm to the top of search engine results page, thus bringing them to your law firm's website. With high quality content that provides a positive user experience, a phone call is the next step. This is how digital marketing and an effective SEO campaign get results.

But even though almost everyone uses the Internet to find what they need, few think about the way search engines index and organize information, or why we see the Google search results we do. Why, for example, do certain businesses appear first on the search engine results pages… and how can lawyers use SEO to ensure clients see their banner and click on their title tag? Professional SEO services for law firm's can help get potential clients to your website.

When potential clients type “lawyers near me,” they’re likely to engage with one of the firms that appears near the top of the search engine results pages, or SERP. When law firm websites rank well in Google search results, potential customers click through to their website and ultimately becoming clients. SEO expands your organic search engine rankings over the long term by employing several strategies:

  • A thorough analysis of your business’s current online footprint including the website structure, website design, home page, content on your website, page speed, imagery, inbound links, and more.
  • A plan of action designed to set your law firm SEO apart from your competitors, bring it to the top of the search results page, and ensure your law firm appears in both local business listings and legal directories
  • Capitalizing on the increased visibility and subsequent leads, client base, and overall growth to keep organic search results coming and your business name in front of clients

SEO produces the best results as a sustained, dynamic, and long-term online marketing strategy. Whether you go it alone or opt to work with a professional SEO firm for lawyers, this page can provide a blueprint to start you on the road to success and growth through marketing techniques specifically for law firm SEO. SEO marketing for lawyers involves many major ranking factors. While utilizing strategic keywords and phrases to communicate the focus of your page to search engines is important keyword research is critical to SEO success--many more elements have an impact on SEO marketing, including:

Website Optimization

Google uses your site’s header, title, images, URL, and content to index it. These attributes allow the search engine to file your content in a place where users can easily find it—and bringing users to your site is the first step in converting them into customers. If they cannot find you, they can’t become clients

Ease of Navigation

Just like in a face-to-face meeting with an attorney, a client’s first impression of your webpage is critical—it establishes trust when content is well-organized and the client can find the information they need without frustration. Aside from providing great content, the website must be clean, efficient, and easy for those needing legal services to understand. Time spent on each page on your website and how often users must resort to the Back button—known as a Bounce—impact SEO.

Relevant and Current Content

Users come to your site for information that is regularly updated and useful. When creating content, law firms should include keywords search engines can pick up, but that is no longer enough. Be careful of duplicate content and outdated information and make sure content clients need is readily accessible--features like a frequently asked questions page, for example.


Search engines move from one page to the next through links. When another site links to yours and sends the search engine to you, your rank improves. The architecture of your site’s internal links is also important, and an SEO professional can help make the most of your site’s structure, link building, and content. By ensuring industry-relevant keywords and website navigation work together, SEO for law firms helps your page display readily and reach clients who are looking for your an attorney through a search engine like google.

SEO means visibility, and visibility means getting in front of potential clients and getting phone calls through onl;ine search results. But if SEO for lawyers is more than dropping in relevant keywords, where should a law firm get started? The way to determine your law firm’s needs and develop an effective strategy is through an internet marketing analysis. The analysis measures your site’s navigability, ease of use, and potential to engage visitors to its pages by taking into account factors like:

Error Messages and Dead Ends

When users cannot find they information they’re looking for, they may turn to a different web page, resulting in lost business. A positive user experience instills trust, keeps potential clients scrolling through the pages on your site, and increases website traffic. A clean and user-friendly law firm website is a key component of a successful SEO campaign and is essential to SEO strategy.


Your page’s construction determines how easily search engines can crawl through your content and how much time users spend on your page. A logical roadmap is crucial for both. Law firm websites should be built for Google search results, because getting clients to visit a law firm page is the first step in successful SEO marketing.

Backlinks and Internal Links

These are major indicators of a site’s performance and lead users and search engines to content. Well-chosen external links demonstrate authority in your field—to your potential customers and to Google. Law firm websites that rank well curate a portfolio of links that relate to their practice area and expertise. Link building is critical to an online marketing strategy.

Word Count

While it might not be a factor many consider, word count contributes to a site’s visibility. The more relevant, authoritative content a page contains, the better it will rank. A detailed analysis of the quality, quantity, and relevance of your content—together with an assessment of broken links, backlinks, internal links, anchor text, imagery, and relevant keywords—will reveal how your site can improve, climb the search engine ranks, be seen by more people looking for law firms, and earn you more clients. While your site’s presence anywhere on the Internet, through backlinks, social media links, blog posts and more, influence SEO, the key factor is the trustworthy, relevant, and engaging content you provide.

Assessing a Market Strategy for Lawyers

How do you determine the quality of your law firm's website and current SEO and digital marketing strategy? Key performance indicators (KPIs) analyze your site’s link profile and navigational structure—both of which affect your rank on search engines, and in turn, your visibility to potential customers. What steps can lawyers take to assess their site’s value as a legal marketing tool? Consider:

Your Strategy

Is it detailed, well thought out, and carefully executed? Or has your company just published a site and left the rest to chance? Obviously a polished, professional page that utilizes sound marketing techniques will bring more customers your way than a haphazard attempt.

Tools Available to You

Are you aware of how many visitors reach your site each day and what links lead them there? Are you taking full advantage of the tools at your disposal? Google Analytics, AHREFS, Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and others will help you compile all the information you need in terms of SEO.

Your Link Building

Are links broken, leading to frustration and mistrust in site visitors? Are you linking to relevant, authoritative sites… and are they linking back to you? Google sees the Internet as a literal web of interconnected information, and links to and from other reliable, professional sites tell it that your page is informative and significant to the topic. This improves the law firm's ranking factor with search engines and its placement on the results page.

On-Site or Off-Site SEO?

This is a hot topic in internet marketing, but what do these terms mean and how do they apply to lawyers and law firms? The definitions are relatively simple. On-site SEO means efforts made on your physical site—front-end or back-end—designed to boost your SEO and increase visibility, rankings, and all the rest. On the other hand, off-site efforts don’t change the page itself, but employ other techniques to improve your overall marketing campaign.

On-site SEO For Lawyers

Making the most of your site’s elements—keywords, links, imagery, content, navigability—draws quality traffic to your page, boosts your rank in Google, and helps you stand out to potential customers. On-site SEO sounds easy, but it requires skill and experience in a variety of areas to craft and maintain a detailed and effective strategy:


By now you know keywords are crucial to your ranking, and selecting the right words and terms can make a big difference in your status and the business that comes your way. Google Analytics can help you determine what terms are bringing people to your site—and which are drawing business to competitors. Tools like Google Keyword Planner can help perform a detailed analysis of your target terms. Make sure the keywords and terms used on the law firm website are chosen specifically to improve SEO results.


Bringing customers to your site is only the first step in earning their business. Once they arrive on your page, they should easily and quickly find the information they need. A less-than-optimal site structure will lead to lack of trust, frustration, and ultimately, lost customers. Any successful marketing plan must go beyond attracting the target audience to your website--it must make sure they stay long enough to engage in your firm's services.


Not only are headings used by search engines, they organize your content and help visitors find what they need. The style and type of headings you choose can have an impact on your SEO.

Title Tags

Since they help to index the content of your page, choosing appropriate, relevant keywords for your title tags is essential for directing users to your site and helping them reach the information they’re looking for.

Meta Descriptions

Because a meta description is limited to 160 characters, it must be efficient and precise, especially since it's what Google uses to describe the site on the search engine result page (SERP). These small pieces of information can have a major impact on SEO.

Custom Content

This is where your site can shine and show off what truly makes your business special, what you have that your competitors don’t. Your custom content should have a wow factor; it should provide something of real value to clients. It should be highly engaging, high quality with thorough information (longer in terms of word count), full of impactful visuals, and presented in a way that is both memorable and easy for customers to understand. Custom content sets your site apart from generic, cookie-cutter pages and brings it to the head of the pack… when it’s presented effectively. Using the services of an SEO company can not only help law firms rank in Google, but shine where it matters most--when a client is deciding on an attorney.


We highlight your site’s most important traffic - statistics, click-throughs, bounce rate, and focus on what is most essential to tracking and improving your SEO. Google analytics is one tool available, and your SEO company can suggest other ways to track engagement with your page and site.


If first impressions and trust are essential--and every attorney knows that they are--you need tools in place to ensure a visit to your site doesn’t result in a potential customer leaving with a virus or compromised information.

Your Sitemap

This should be submitted to search engines so that they can find and rank your site’s pages and pass that information on to those who are looking for it.

Load Speed

Everyone is busy, and nobody likes waiting for a site to load so they can see the information they need. Consequently, a slow-loading site will negatively affect your ranking and SEO results.


Getting a visitor to your site is your first step in forming a relationship with them. Take full advantage of their visit by making sure you have buttons and other calls to action that make it easy for them to engage with you and form ties that will last. Your business name address and phone number should be easy to find on every page.

Content, Content, Content

Every SEO trick in the book will fall flat if you don’t fill your site with stellar content. A fancy canvas means very little if there’s nothing interesting painted on it, and it’s the same with websites. Design is only a fraction of the battle. Organization and appeal are important, but especially in regard to law firm's, customers visit a site for content—and they won’t stay long if yours is not informative, easy to understand, relevant to their concerns, boring, or incorrect.


It might not seem critical to maintain an active blog, but doing so in an interesting and informative way can give your site a huge boost. An active and engaging blog has several advantages:

  • It provides fresh, new material to customers.
  • It gives previous visitors an incentive to return to your site.
  • Blog posts can target clients with information that is more specific than what’s included on your static pages—a blog post can go into detail about workers’ compensation claims or personal injury, for example
  • Blogs are a great place to include case studies, testimonials, and other original content
  • It improves SEO by adding information, word count, and keywords
  • Clearly, blogging can be a tremendous advantage to your SEO strategy. But there are some things to keep in mind:
  • A blog needs to be maintained. A few posts are not enough; the process should be ongoing to keep content fresh and pertinent. A blog can draw new visitors to the website when new high quality content is added per month--or even more frequently.

Consider Your Audience

Who are you writing for, what are their needs, and what kind of language and terminology will serve them best? SEO companies target user intent, so depending on the law practice your firm provide, think of common keywords people would use to find your services

Maintain Your Message and Brand

Your voice, values, and style should be consistent with those expressed on your static pages. The blog should be recognizable as yours.

Graphics Are Important

They can grab a visitor’s attention, convey information, and reinforce your brand.


Posting at the same time—once a week on Tuesdays, for example—will draw repeat readers. That means increased traffic and better rankings.

The Bloggers Themselves

Writing a regular blog can be time-consuming, and coming up with interesting and relevant topics for posts can be a challenge. Who will take these tasks on? Consider inviting guest bloggers, but make sure readers are guided back to your website.

Who will manage the blog? Will this responsibility fall to you or someone at the firm? Or will you hire an Internet marketing agency to build, maintain, and promote your blog? An SEO agency can help determine the best way to utilize your resources, time, and content while improving your placement on the search engine results page.

Make the blog work for you. In addition to all the advantages mentioned previously, your blog can drive traffic back to your static site through internal links. This also tells Google, and other search engines that your site has plenty of content to crawl through, and it will update its indexes with your latest content. It will then have those links ready to provide to users who are looking for the information and services you provide.

The best internet marketing strategy for lawyers and attorney search engine optimization is a multifaceted approach. Instead of focusing on keywords alone or pouring time and energy into a gorgeous design at the expense of relevant content, take full advantage of every tool available to you. Either in-house or by employing an internet marketing firm, ensure every aspect of your online presence—the parts customers see and those they don’t—are as polished as they can possibly be. That way visitors will find your site, they’ll take the time to engage with your content, they’ll feel secure in the information you’re providing, and most importantly, they’ll become customers.

NewSunSEO, while offering our services nationwide, currently has locations in these areas:

Long Island, NY

On Long Island, NY (New York), NewSunSEO offers; Long Island SEO / Local SEO Long Island / Pay Per Click / Long Island Web Design / Long Island Web Development as a full service Internet marketing company providing a full range of digital marketing services to Long Island business owners using leading SEO strategies, which include search engine optimized content marketing. As an award-winning Long Island SEO company, We also offer Local SEO, Web Design and Web Development to small and large businesses throughout Long Island NY, New York, The Tri State area & beyond.

Myrtle Beach, SC

In Myrtle Beach, SC (South Carolina) NewSunSEO offers; Myrtle Beach SEO / Local SEO Myrtle Beach / Pay Per Click / Myrtle Beach Web Design / Myrtle Beach Web Development as a full service Internet marketing company providing a full range of digital marketing services to Myrtle Beach business owners using leading SEO strategies, which include search engine optimized content marketing. As an award-winning Myrtle Beach SEO company, we also offer Local SEO and Web Development to small and large businesses throughout Myrtle Beach SC, South Carolina, The Grand Strand area & beyond.

Portland, OR

In Portland, OR (Oregon) NewSunSEO offers; Portland SEO / Portland Local SEO / Pay Per Click / Portland Web Design / Portland Web Development as a full service Internet marketing company providing a full range of digital marketing services to Portland business owners using leading SEO strategies, which include search engine optimized content marketing. As an award-winning Portland SEO company, We also offer Local SEO, Web Design and Web Development to small and large businesses throughout Portland OR, Oregon, The Beaver State surrounding areas & beyond.

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