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Long Island is a densely populated and culturally and ethnically diverse island in the state of New York. At New York Harbor, it is about .35 miles from the island of Manhattan, and it extends eastward over 100 miles into the Atlantic Ocean. It is the longest and largest island in the contiguous United States.

Long Island is home to New York City’s three busiest airports: JFK International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Islip MacArthur Airport, and nine bridges and thirteen tunnels connect Brooklyn and Queens to the three other boroughs of New York City. Long Island is the most populous island in the US and the 18th most populous island in the world—ahead of even Ireland and Jamaica!

You’ll never run out of things to do in Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Long Island boasts some of the East Coast’s finest—and most famous—beaches, including Jones Beach, Fire Island, and the distinct and picturesque Montauk Point Lighthouse and State Park.

Long Island is also home to the stretch of idyllic seaside villages and hamlets collectively known as the Hamptons, an area synonymous with wealth and luxury. The string of communities is situated on the Island’s South Fork and showcases long stretches of pristine coast surrounding an interior of farmland and quaint villages. The Hamptons have long been famous as a summer getaway for New York City’s wealthy and elite. The towns of East Hampton, Southampton, Sag Harbor, Sagaponack, Westhampton Beach, Quogue, and Remsenburg feature historic homes, fine dining, and high-end boutiques. The most expensive neighborhoods—Southampton Village, Water Mill, Bridgehampton, Sagaponack, and East Hampton Village—are home to many celebrities, including Anderson Cooper, Neil Patrick Harris, Julianne Moore, Alec Baldwin, and Beyoncé.

Other famous residents of Long Island have included Billy Joel, LL Cool J, and Walt Whitman.

In addition to beach and outdoor recreational opportunities, Long Island has a great deal to offer history enthusiasts. It was home to at least thirteen Native American tribes before the first European, Giovanni de Verrazzano, entered New York Bay in 1524. English explorer Henry Hudson landed at Coney Island in 1609. It played an important part in the American Revolutionary War, including serving as the epicenter for General George Washington’s espionage efforts. Today, one can travel the Washington Spy Trail and visit locations significant to this effort: Raynham Hall, the Conklin Farmhouse, the Brewster House, Stony Brook Grist Mill, Sagtikos Manor, and more.

Other beautiful historic destinations on Long Island include: the Nassau County Museum of Art, Old Westbury Gardens, Hempstead House, Oheka Castle, Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park in Oyster Bay, Caumsett State Historic Park, and the Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium.

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Long Island SEO Agency

NewSunSEO is a full service Internet marketing & Long Island Local SEO company, providing a full range of Internet marketing services. In addition to Local SEO, we also offer SEO, Logo Design, Website Design & Website Development to small and large businesses throughout Long Island, New York. We provide custom internet marketing services for our clients, which are proven to bring your business more leads, customers & sales. Work with a local SEO company on Long Island to help your business achieve a higher ranking.

How To Understand What Internet User Intent Is & How To Meet It

Google has stated about its new AI machine learning technology called BERT: "With the latest advancements from our research team in the science of language understanding - made possible by machine learning - we’re making a significant improvement to how we understand queries, representing the biggest leap forward in the past five years, and one of the biggest leaps forward in the history of Search." What this means is that websites who understand user search query intent & especially users of mobile devices will be rewarded with ranking at the top of Google. Not only this, but BERT will be able to use "Passages" like sentences or paragraphs, not just whole web pages, to provide searchers with individual passages from web pages that most closely match their intent & provide the most relevant results. This will cause a massive shift in Google rankings here on Long Island & throughout the Google mobile index results, we suspect in the next major Google core update. Google has said that changes related to BERT will be rolling out “later this year”. Once fully rolled out, they will impact 7% of queries on Google search. To put this in context, the initial Panda rollout impacted 12% of results, while Penguin affected 3% of results. This will be HUGE. Websites on Long Island, New York & beyond will win BIG in Google in 2021 forward if they begin to truly offer well thought out, professional advice that is unique, expert level written & FULL of value for the person doing the query on their mobile device. Contact NewSunSEO today begin putting together your future SEO Content strategy to meet the search queries of potential customers looking for your products or answers to their questions through mobile searches.

Digital marketing and attracting searchers is crucial to the success of any Long Island business, no matter what products and services they offer. Search engines bring new customers to your website by determining your rank--where you appear on a Google search result. Long Island business owners who take advantages of search engine optimization move up the rankings, attract search engine traffic, get in front of customers, and grow their company.

How important are page 1 rankings?

94 percent of search engine visitors view only the first page of search results (Search Engine Results Pages / SERPs), and less than 5 percent of search users ever click to page two of the SERPs.

That's bad news if your company on Long Island is languishing on page five of SERP's (Search Engine Results Page).

The good news is that your business can move to the top of the Google search results page through a proven SEO marketing strategy. A digital marketing or SEO campaign is most effective as a multifaceted and sustained long term approach. With the help of an experienced SEO company in Long Island, your website will become a beacon that draws search volume and grows your business.

What do you get from our Long Island SEO Services?

At NewSunSEO, we are a search engine optimization/digital marketing agency committed to helping businesses in Long Island, NY and the surrounding area grow through online marketing techniques, quality content, search engine optimization, social media, PPC, link building, and much more. Our SEO team is ready to devise a marketing plan for your Long Island company that will help you reach and exceed your business goals.

Our marketing campaigns succeed because our SEO efforts are backed by not only eighteen years of experience, but a keen understanding of the changing digital landscape, search engine technology, and how it affects large and small business all over New York. If you are looking for someone to handle all your web pages and marketing needs, contact us today to learn what the SEO process and a results-driven SEO firm can do for you.

Our Digital Marketing Advantage

Is your Long Island business website on the first page of Google? As a business owner, if you are not in the top three positions, you are missing out on over 50 percent of search engine visitors. Working with a professional Long Island SEO agency is a must for you. Whether you want to increase leads through your website, create more brand awareness, bring more exposure to your products, services, social media marketing, or email marketing, working with a local SEO Long Island company will help you realize your goals in less time. There are numerous benefits in working with proven Long Island SEO experts:

Search Engine Optimization / SEO

Our Long Island SEO and digital marketing services encompass on-site SEO & off-site SEO strategies. Both are necessary to rank in even slightly competitive niches. Title tags, META descriptions, keyword research, mobile friendliness, content creation, LSI keywords, social media management, and high domain authority link building are just a few aspects of the SEO work we do for you.

Every client or company we work with receives a custom SEO / Local SEO strategy for their business website. This is a sustained approach designed to draw search engines to websites and in turn, get them seen by clients. Companies will see a dramatic bump in business as they rise in rankings.

We use Google Analytics and other tools to track and report website traffic, and those findings are then incorporated into the SEO report and strategy we develop, because it's important to not only optimize websites, but to adapt as technology and user behavior evolves. Our Long Island digital marketing and search engine optimization services assist you in keeping up with a changing digital landscape.

Local SEO

Whether your business operates one location or several locations in and around Long Island, NY, NewSunSEO Agency can get you top Google Places rankings with our Local SEO services. Our Long Island Internet marketing services include ongoing optimization of your Google My Business listing, Google places, ongoing NAP citation audits, NAP citation cleanup / duplicate suppression, and NAP citation building. Local search reports are sent to you each time we finish working on your NAP citations. Research shows that most new local business comes from organic search, so alerting search engines to your web pages is crucial to gaining customers here in Long Island.

eCommerce SEO

More and more consumers are making their purchases online, especially in the age of Covid-19. The bottom line is, if you are not ranking in Google and bringing organic search to your site, you are losing potential customers to businesses that are. SEO companies like NewSunSEO in Long Island will get you competitive again.

Not only do you get search engine optimization / Local SEO for your business website, our highly skilled web designers and web developers will optimize your source code, page load speeds, calls to action, web design, and website layout into a highly optimized eCommerce experience that converts its visitors into Internet sales.

All of our digital marketing and SEO campaigns consist of these core SEO elements:

SEO Website Audit

We analyze your on-page SEO, META data, URL structure / URL silo structure, backlinks (Backlink audit), keywords, competition, text to HTML ratio, headings, and optimize dozens of other aspects based off our initial SEO audit. At NewSunSEO SEO company, we believe the best digital marketing strategy begins with assessing what you already have.

Technical SEO

Here we add or optimize your Schema markup, improve mobile responsiveness, leverage browser caching, minify CSS / JavaScript / HTML, improve page load speed, optimize images, add GZIP compression, and dozens of other technical SEO tweaks to your website to increase your rankings.

Backlink Building

Backlinks continue to be one of the biggest ranking factors. It is no longer quantity of backlinks, but quality of backlinks from high domain authority websites. In the eighteen years we've been doing SEO, we have built numerous backlink building relationships / resources in nearly every niche. NAP citations are just a part of backlink building. We have the ability to get you the high quality backlinks you need to move up in Google rankings for your most competitive keywords.

Content Marketing

As part of a comprehensive SEO strategy, NewSunSEO employs a team of talented content writers who create original, SEO optimized content that your website visitors will want to read. We can create content for your social media, blog, or website on nearly any subject, and the quality of our research sets us apart from other marketing agencies.

Keyword Research

Do you know which words and phrases users are searching to find your site? As part of our service, SEO consultants will conduct a thorough analysis to make sure your site content is working hard to bring visitors. And because keywords change, this is something that must be monitored and adjusted. Contact us about SEO packages that include this monthly service to clients.

If you need a new website, we also offer website design that's built from the ground up with SEO in mind. An SEO expert will work with developers on a website design that brings you traffic--and clients--from the beginning. You will also want to make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices. Google searches from phones and tablets is rising exponentially, and that is not likely to change. Your web design and SEO service cannot neglect this crucial change in technology and user behavior.

As a local Long Island business owner, would you rather take your focus off running your business to do monthly SEO and web presence tasks on your own, or would you rather have top-notch SEO work done for you by a leading Internet Marketing Agency with over eighteen years experience? We know how to get you to the top of search results and increase your online presence so you can grow your business. As a leading SEO company, we know what SEO methods work the best for local businesses, which ones to avoid, and how to get you to the top of search results quickly. Whether you want organic rankings, Local SEO map positions, Google Marketplace, or pay per click marketing, our SEO company and Web Design has all the tools, experience, and wisdom to get you to number one. We have a team of SEO experts waiting to help you reach your website goals.

We offer Long Island web design and digital marketing with quality and results that are second to none. Contact NewSunSEO Long Island SEO company today.

NewSunSEO Long Island Location:

Creating Your Web Marketing Strategy

Our search engine optimization services are started with a generally similar approach, regardless of your location. We get to know the strengths of your business and create a plan similar to the image above. We then look for the areas of your website in need of the most improvement and begin to execute a custom strategy to improve your websites position in the search engines. This is done through our Search Engine Optimization services combined with high quality Content Marketing distributed through Social Media to increase your social signals and high authority backlinks to your website. Calls to action are tested and improved and ranking reports are sent to you throughout the month. There are no long term contracts with us either, working with us is on a month to month basis and the time we work can be increased or decreased at any time. Contact Us Today

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