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Flooring SEO

How Digital Marketing Grows Flooring Companies

Flooring is something that every building, commercial or residential, needs, so there's plenty of business out there. Wouldn't it be great to be the first flooring company potential customers see when they start thinking about hardwood flooring, laminate, tile installation, and so on?

When someone needs a flooring company, their first stop will probably be the internet - 80 percent of consumers start their buying journey with a search engine like Google. Of those using search engines to find flooring services and other businesses, 95 percent never go beyond the first page of search engine results.

That's bad news if your flooring company is languishing on page three or four. It's unlikely to ever be seen by potential customers before they choose another business.

To stay competitive, flooring companies must move from word of mouth marketing into SEO and other online marketing techniques. You want to use search engine optimization to get your business to the top of the search results page, so it's the first one customers will see.

By making SEO for flooring companies and digital marketing a priority, you can turn people browsing for flooring online into customers! Contact us today to learn how our SEO company and online marketing agency helps flooring stores, flooring contractors, and other flooring companies reach the next level.

What is SEO?

SEO is an umbrella term for a variety of techniques used to help propel flooring stores and flooring companies to the top of the search results page. Through SEO for flooring companies, your flooring business will reach top ranking in search engines like Google.

SEO for Flooring Companies

Websites for Flooring Companies

If you are a flooring contractor or own a flooring installation business, your first step to being found online by your customers is a website. But not just any website! Clients judge contractors by the first impression they get from a flooring business website. If your website is clean, professional, and efficient, they'll assume the same about your flooring services.

A search engine also takes into account link structure, URL structure, image optimization, speed, broken links and error messages, and much more when it determines where your site ranks, so your website affects both SEO and marketing efforts.

By making a professional website a priority, you can turn visitors into customers as well as boost your ranking in Google!

Reaching Customers Through Keywords

Many people will learn of your flooring company through search engine's results, and how and what they search for influences whether they see your business.

  • Research Keywords. Customers rarely search by business name. Instead, they use the products or service's they're looking for as search terms: hardwood flooring, floor installation, vinyl, etc.
  • Incorporate Keywords into Your Content. Google will reward the flooring contractor who uses long form, high word count content on their site with a better rank. Part of your SEO strategy should be lots to read about flooring products and flooring installation. That content should also be optimized with SEO keywords.
  • Monitor Keywords. SEO keywords for flooring companies change, so you or your SEO services should constantly monitor which keywords people are using to find a flooring contractor and adjust content accordingly.

Blogging About Flooring

When someone goes to Google about hardwood flooring, they might not be ready to buy. They could be exploring wood floor options for a remodeling project, thinking about wood flooring for a new home down the road, or just daydreaming about their dream hardwood floor. As a flooring contractor, you have expert information to share about types of flooring, flooring installation, flooring care, and more. Sharing your knowledge is a technique used to help amplify your online presence and guide traffic back to your main website. Be sure to include your business name, email, and phone number, because clients will remember you when they're ready for that new hardwood floor!

Local SEO

The top spot for any flooring company is the Google local three-pack: the three local businesses that appear right beneath the map. Because most of your flooring services will be for locals, getting your company into the three-pack will help your business tremendously. Local SEO involves a similar strategy to SEO in general but there are other tricks used to help propel your flooring company to the top of the local search results, such as embedding map information, optimizing your Google My Business listing, researching location-specific keywords, and more.


High authority links from other sites - preferably those in the flooring installation industry or a related field like construction or remodeling - are another way Google judges the quality and trustworthiness of your flooring company site. Building a portfolio of high quality links is time-intensive, but it's crucial to search engine optimization. You should also beware of toxic links attached to your site, as they're detrimental to your SEO and marketing efforts and should be removed.


Google My Business is important to your SEO and marketing strategy, especially on the local level, so it should be monitored for accuracy and optimization.

For directories like Yelp, asking your happy clients to provide online reviews is a sound strategy. It might seem heavy handed, but it's a technique used to help flooring companies build an online reputation - and studies show that asking happy customers to leave reviews gets results.

Off Site SEO and Internet Marketing

If growth and marketing is a priority for your flooring company, you've come to the right place. NewSunSEO is an award winning internet marketing company with over eighteen years of experience. As a full service online marketing company, we can help your flooring company grow through SEO and local SEO that will get you the best rankings in search engines so you'll be found by potential clients.

We also offer website design, website hosting, content creation, logo design and graphics, social media management, pay per click campaign management services, online reputation and review services, and much more. Call us today to learn how we can help your flooring company excel in the local market and beyond.

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