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Imagine having a website that appears front and center every time a potential client types "Employment Law Firm" or "Employment Lawyer" into a Google search--and imagine that site has been optimized to not only engage and inform visitors, but convert them to clients. Your client base expands; your employment law practice grows.

Employment Law Firm Search Engine Optimization

But if yours is like many law firms, your page languishes low on a search results page, overlooked by clients who click on a higher-ranked competitor... one who is using search engine optimization.

This is no statement on the quality of your law firm or your skills as a lawyer. The competitors landing those leads aren't better attorneys than you--they have just learned to use search engine optimization to position themselves where clients can find them.

The good news is, you can also take advantage of SEO to increase website traffic and attract customers.

When embarking on an SEO campaign, employment law firms must take a comprehensive approach and use every aspect of their online presence to their advantage....

Because you know your competitors will!

A successful digital marketing strategy is a complex endeavor, but some of the main focus areas include:


Google and other search companies are rapidly shifting toward a preference for long-form content, which means they'll favor sites with lots of information to offer. A good selection of practice area pages, each with a few thousand words of relevant content, will boost an employment attorney's rankings.

But it has to be content including keywords and search terms--ideally written with SEO in mind.

A content-rich page will generate leads in all the major aspects of employment law and encourage search engines to show your site to your target audience. Employment attorneys can explain the finer points of unemployment compensation, gender, racial and religious discrimination, sexual harassment, union issues and so much more. It's a prime opportunity to include case studies and highlight victories your firm has won for other jobseekers and employees. If you can envision a situation where the law influences jobs or employment, chances are someone is in that situation with their job and hoping to find information on a website.

Link Building

Because links are how search engines find their way to your site, they're a crucial component of your law firm SEO plan. However, unless you're cultivating high quality links from sites relevant to employment law and your customer base, you may not see results. You need links from trusted, authoritative sites that show search engines you're an expert in employment law. Actively pursuing these links will amplify your web presence.

You can pursue links through guest blogging about jobs, employment and how the law affects them. Just look for a firm interested in hosting you--one in a similar practice area but not a direct competitor. Hosting an attorney in a different field on your blog is, in turn, a way to add content and hit on different search terms. Well-maintained blogs make marketing sense for your business.

Other ways to encourage links are through legal directories, customer reviews, citations, mentions in publications or articles, social media and PPC (pay per click) ads - so long as the PPC ads are thoroughly researched and monitored for ROI. Your firm needs to spend its marketing dollars wisely.

Optimization Techniques for Your Website

The structure of the law firm site can be as important as content marketing and linking. Optimized website design means bots can crawl through your content without obstruction, taking advantage of well-constructed internal links. Your site map, URL structure, page speed and of course content all have an impact on SEO.

With website design for SEO, the first step is an assessment to determine what your law firm is starting with, what's working and what should be redesigned to serve you better.

The way people interact with your site affects not only SEO and rank, but conversion, so user experience is an important consideration in your marketing plan. Keeping people on your site and moving them from the landing page through your content--as well as using calls to action and other feature to engage them--shows Goggle your site is worth visiting. It also moves people one step closer to picking up the phone and becoming clients.

Make sure your phone number and email address are prominent and easy to find on your landing page and throughout the site. If potential clients have to expend a lot of effort to figure out how to contact you, they probably won't.

To make the most of SEO, employment law firm websites should be designed with all these factors in mind and it's a huge bonus if your site and other web properties reflect your firm's personality, uniqueness and values--they'll be more impactful and memorable to clients.

Of the course the opposite is also true--shoddy, frustrating and low quality sites tell clients something about your professionalism and the quality of your services. With the competition in employment law, that's not an impression you can afford to make--to Google or to people considering engaging your law firm.

Another important marketing consideration is to make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices, as searches from these devices is on the rise and unlikely to decline anytime soon. Fewer and fewer people are searching for employment law firms from their computers at home.

Keyword Research

You will want to rank in your top search terms: employment, employment law, employment lawyers, legal rights for employers, legal rights for jobseekers, etc.

But there's also a lot of competition in those terms. Getting your site to rank in lesser used terms through blog posts, articles, or features talking about specific cases or subjects loosely related to employment law--you might explore career salaries and how they relate to age or gender, for example--can draw the search engine to your page. You can then direct traffic back to your practice area pages through links and users will enjoy your expert insights. You might even earn a valuable backlink if others find the information worth sharing.

You'll still want to rank in your key terms, but this combination of tactics can get more people looking at your site--and time spent on the site, engagement and bounce all affect your Google rank.

The main thing to remember with keywords is that their use must be deliberate. You should start with a thorough and detailed analysis of which keywords people are using to search for firms like yours, which are bringing them to your site and which your competitors are using--or failing to use--to draw in new clients. Then, monitor your leads and traffic and adjust as necessary, because Google is constantly looking for ways to provide the best results to its users, which means its strategies are evolving. Your firm must do the same.

Local SEO

The conversion rate rises significantly when local SEO is made a priority. When people search for an employment lawyer, they want information pertinent to their area and an attorney nearby. A search that turns up a law firm several states away is not going to do them any good, so you want to take steps to make sure your firm is ranking high in Google "near me" searches. The most coveted place is in the top three local results, which appear right beneath the map of your location. Getting your law firm to rank in an organic local search is essential to scoring customers and growing your business.

Marketing toward local customers and using SEO to help them find you involves a few extra steps--like monitoring your Google My Business profile for accuracy--but since the majority of your high-quality leads will be local, it's not something you can neglect.

At the end of the day, it's a combination of website structure, content, keywords, quality and quantity of links and many other factors that give employment lawyers the best SEO. If you're unsure where to start with digital marketing, we can assess your current online footprint, rankings, websites and all other factors that contribute to search engine optimization. Our expert team will then discuss your situation and suggest ways to improve your rankings, get your firm seen by search engines, get you customers and grow your company - all tailored to your individual needs, preferences and situation.

If you're using PPC / Pay Per Click ads, they should also be targeted to the locations most likely to produce high quality leads and they must be monitored to ensure they're delivering. After all, these ads are only effective marketing if they draw leads that will eventually engage with your firm.

The best search engine plan for attorneys is multifaceted--taking full advantage of websites, link opportunities, keywords, social media, etc.--closely monitored for ROI and adaptable to a changing market and evolving technology.

NewSunSEO, while offering our services nationwide, currently has locations in these areas:

Long Island, NY

On Long Island, NY (New York), NewSunSEO offers; Long Island SEO / Local SEO Long Island / Pay Per Click / Long Island Web Design / Long Island Web Development as a full service Internet marketing company providing a full range of digital marketing services to Long Island business owners using leading SEO strategies, which include search engine optimized content marketing. As an award-winning Long Island SEO company, we also offer Local SEO, Logo Design, Web Design and Web Development to small and large businesses throughout Long Island NY, New York, The Tri State area & beyond.

Myrtle Beach, SC

In Myrtle Beach, SC (South Carolina) NewSunSEO offers; Myrtle Beach SEO / Local SEO Myrtle Beach / Pay Per Click / Myrtle Beach Web Design / Myrtle Beach Web Development as a full service Internet marketing company providing a full range of digital marketing services to Myrtle Beach business owners using leading SEO strategies, which include search engine optimized content marketing. As an award-winning Myrtle Beach SEO company, we also offer Local SEO, Logo Design, and Web Development to small and large businesses throughout Myrtle Beach SC, South Carolina, The Grand Strand area & beyond.

Portland, OR

In Portland, OR (Oregon) NewSunSEO offers; Portland SEO / Portland Local SEO / Pay Per Click / Portland Web Design / Portland Web Development as a full service Internet marketing company providing a full range of digital marketing services to Portland business owners using leading SEO strategies, which include search engine optimized content marketing. As an award-winning Portland SEO company, we also offer Local SEO, Logo Design, Web Design and Web Development to small and large businesses throughout Portland OR, Oregon, The Beaver State surrounding areas & beyond.

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