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What is SEO?

SEO is a blanket term for a set of techniques that will draw organic - as opposed to paid - traffic to a nonprofit organization's website. Nonprofits can use SEO to take advantage of Google algorithms to increase their ranking in search engine results. Getting onto the first page of the search results will increase visibility exponentially, and the higher a nonprofit can climb, the better.

The goal for a nonprofit organization is to rank as highly as possible in the keywords and phrases relevant to its mission, so that when someone types a query, the organization's link will be one of the first they see. Research shows that following a search, 67 percent of users will click on one of the first three results, and results six through ten are literally left fighting for the scraps; those results get less than 7 percent of the clicks.

There's really no contest.... The top rankings are where you want your organization to be.

An SEO strategy can help nonprofits rank higher and be seen by more people interested in their mission.

If you're a busy nonprofit who has heard enough and is ready to start using SEO as a way to reach people, contact the SEO experts at NewSunSEO and let us improve your search engine rank today.

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

Google search rankings take hundreds of variables into account, but they have one goal in common: user experience. Google wants to guide its users to sites that are high quality and satisfy their original intent. SEO works by helping Google recognize that your site is a good place to send users. Your organization needs to speak in a way search engines can understand, and that's done through SEO.

SEO For Nonprofits

It's true that SEO is complex and involves a number of factors, as well as constant monitoring. For those unfamiliar with it, satisfying the user experience requirements Google finds important can be daunting, and knowing how to communicate to Google that your nonprofit organization website is a good place to send its users can be mystifying, but today, Google rankings are absolutely essential for visibility and success.

Here are some SEO tips to help nonprofits improve their rankings in Google and other search engines.

Keyword Research

You need to know which keywords and terms are getting the most search volume in relation to your organization. Those are the keywords you'll want to target, because there's no sense in targeting keywords that no one is using in a search query. You want to focus your SEO efforts on relevant keywords and phrases with the best chance of drawing traffic. Make sure to do your research, though, because the keywords people are using to search aren't always the ones you'd expect. You also need to strike a balance between high search volume keywords and those relevant to the mission of your organization.

Content Creation

User experience is key to success in Google rankings. Google is always striving to improve the results it delivers to its users, and that means quality content will help you rank higher. Nonprofits should create plenty of relevant content that is engaging to their target audience, and that quality content should also be optimized and user friendly. Google will award ranking to websites with a lot to offer its users - higher word count, more videos, optimized images.


Blogging is a solid SEO strategy when it's done right. Blog posts are a great way for a nonprofit to offer new content, something Google rewards. Blog posts can reach people who didn't know about your nonprofit but are seeking related information. For example, if your nonprofit is a cat shelter, you might publish a blog about avoiding obesity in cats to get people on to your main site. This is also a solid strategy because a keyword like "feline obesity" is much less competitive than "cat shelter" and therefore easier to rank in. Just make sure to link back to your main page and have your contact information visible.

Link Building

It's important to establish links back to your site from high authority websites in your field. Links are another way to show Google your website is a trustworthy place to send a user.

On-page Optimization

Technical SEO like title tags, headings, meta descriptions, internal links, ALT text, anchor text, load speed, image optimization, and other physical attributes of the website have a big impact on SEO for nonprofits. Not only does a logical and easy to navigate site help with search engine optimization, but people visiting nonprofits get a better impression of the organization when the website is polished and professional.

Mobile Friendly Sites

Because almost 70 percent of users search from and view search results on mobile devices, nonprofits must invest in responsive website design as part of their SEO strategy. SEO experts highly recommend a mobile friendly site, both to improve ranking (Google will penalize sites that aren't mobile friendly) and to avoid frustrating a user who is viewing the site from a phone or tablet.

Local SEO and Digital Marketing

Nonprofits should use SEO to get the attention of local customers, especially nonprofits who are location-specific, like the cat shelter in the earlier example. Marketing professionals highly recommend every business create a Google My Business listing. This is important because it allows a nonprofit to appear in keyword + location searches such as "cat rescue Portland." The most coveted spot in a local Google search is the "three-pack" of websites right beneath the area map. A nonprofit that gets into the Google three-pack will see a major boost in traffic.

Nonprofits should also consider using social media to reach supporters. A link back from a site like Facebook is valuable for SEO; Google considers it a high authority link. Social media is also another way to reach people and get the word out about your nonprofit. It's free marketing that can help drive traffic to your main site or page, but it's important to keep social media profiles true to the mission of the nonprofit, and it will help to post fairly regularly. You will want to answer questions and comments on your social media page in a timely fashion, and it's essential to remain professional and remember that anything said on social media represents the nonprofit.

Nonprofit SEO at NewSunSEO

NewSunSEO is dedicated to helping nonprofits improve ranking in a Google search, gain visibility, and connect with supporters. We are a full-service digital marketing agency and can assist nonprofits with SEO and local SEO, technical SEO, content marketing, social media management, website design, and more.

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