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Online Reputation Repair

What Is Online Reputation Repair?

Online reputation repair is a set of tactics - marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and sometimes legal - that allows you to control what is being said about you or your business online. As a business owner or CEO, you want potential customers to get a positive impression of you and your brand image when they search for you.

Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Even if you have a lot of positive reviews and people are saying good things about your business, a bad review might pop up first in a Google search, driving away prospective clients.

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Google uses complex algorithms to determine where items appear on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Content deemed "high authority" will appear first. Popularity can also influence rankings. For example, if a negative blog post with bad reviews is getting hundreds and hundreds of comments - for whatever reason - that tells Google that it is a popular post, and it could appear on the first page of the SERP even if it is the single negative review among hundreds of positive reviews.

When something negative is the first thing customers see, the damage is done. They won't go in search of positive content or seek out other review sites - they'll just move on to the next business. You have to take care of this kind of reputation damage right away, because it is robbing you of customers. That means repairing your reputation online.

Today, customers are low on time but high on options. That means they have no incentive to deal with poorly reviewed businesses; they can simply find someone else within seconds - this is one reason why online reputation repair is so critical. You don't get a second chance to make a good impression with customers.

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Even a small amount of negative content can be detrimental to your online presence, and that means it's losing you business and costing you money...

And you might not even know the negative content is there!

Fortunately, there are ways to boost the authority of positive content and suppress negative, false, or defamatory statements. We can help you devise a reputation repair strategy, get positive mentions onto the first page, and build a positive reputation for you or your brand.

With online reputation repair services, you can take control over what people see when they Google your business and restore your company's reputation by driving negative results and reviews so far down the SERP that they won't be seen by a potential client. Much of this is done by publishing high quality content and optimizing it so Google will show it on the first page.

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What Factors Influence Your Reputation Online?

Almost anything that's posted anywhere on the internet can have an effect on your online reputation, and that includes what you post, what others post about you, reviews, mentions of your brand, or even mentions of you as a person. This information can appear in negative reviews, news articles, blog posts, or on sites like Facebook. It can all tie into how you are perceived by people potentially interested in your goods and services. Case studies have shown that as many as 80 percent of consumers will not interact with a business or buy a product after seeing negative reviews, bad feedback, or less than positive sentiment in general. They will find this information in many places:

  • Social Media (your own or others')
  • Blog Posts
  • Reviews
  • Mentions of your brand in the previous and elsewhere
  • Articles
  • Content on websites

Cumulatively, these factors make up your online reputation, and while it might not be a reflection of reality, it is still very often a customer's first encounter with your business or brand. If negative content is appearing high on a Google search results page, you should take steps to repair your online reputation, and you can do so through a reputation repair company like NewSunSEO.

We have gotten impressive results with internet reputation repair for other businesses, and we can repair your online reputation as well.

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Do I Need Online Reputation Repair?

Yes - you at least need online reputation management. If you own a business or interact with the public in any way, you need to know and control your online reputation so negative content is not the first thing people see. The last thing you want is to have an important life or business situation ruined because something lurking on the internet - possibly something from many years ago or something you never knew existed - rears its ugly head at the worst possible moment. You should speak to an online reputation management company if:

  • You sell products online
  • You sell professional services - this includes everyone from lawn care providers, hair stylists, dentists, doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, and more
  • You are applying for a job
  • You are applying to college
  • You are in the public eye or a public position, like local politics
  • You worry online content could affect interpersonal relationships

Because of the internet and social media, people have access to information faster than ever before. And even if the bad reviews or negative statements on websites aren't accurate, potential customers, employers, and others will judge you based on what they see. Your online presence can literally mean the difference between failure and success. Repairing your online reputation now means you won't regret negative search results later.

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The Internet Is Forever

The internet does not forgive... or forget. Once something is online, it will be there forever unless you or a reputation management company / reputation repair company takes active steps to remove or suppress it. Unfortunately, there could be competitors or other people posting fake reviews, negative feedback, or other content designed to hurt your company's reputation. All it takes is an email address to create several false profiles, and social networks do very little to monitor this situation, even ignoring feedback from people affected. Yet search engines like Google will find negative statements on social networks and show them to your customers. It would take an excessive amount of your time to seek out and dispute every negative review, Facebook post, or mention of your products or services.

Online reputation management services will monitor this content for you and take steps to repair your online reputation if necessary.

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In addition to these attacks, your own words could be hurting your brand or reputation.

The fact is, many people have made comments on websites or social media that they later regret. The reasoning behind this content doesn't matter, but its impact on your reputation, business, career, or social life does. Everyday, the news is full of people who lost jobs or scholarships because of an offensive comment posted on a website years ago. Companies can suffer boycotts or find themselves slammed with bad reviews because of an employee tweet or Facebook post. And this content doesn't go away by itself. Online reputation management and social media monitoring can help mitigate the damage and come up with a reputation repair strategy.

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Components of Online Reputation Repair

Reputation management companies can monitor and manage online reviews for businesses. They detect and deal with a negative review when it crops up on a website like Google My Business, Yelp, BBB Reviews, Facebook Reviews, and many others. This is a critical component of managing your reputation because online reviews hold a lot of weight with potential customers, and too many negative reviews will sending them running to another company. Taking steps to attract positive reviews and mentions of your brand leads to a positive online reputation and instills confidence in consumers.

But customer reviews are only one facet of online reputation management services. There are many other ways to direct search engines to positive content about your business and, if it cannot be removed, to drive negative search results so far down the SERP that few, if any, customers ever see them. Other reputation management strategies include:

  • Attract positive online feedback and reviews
  • Search Engine Optimization - optimizing positive content to make sure it ranks highly on a SERP
  • Optimizing social media profiles associated with the business or brand name
  • Developing business profiles
  • Contacting review sites to edit or remove negative reviews
  • Monitoring online mentions of the business or brand and quickly formulating an effective response / repair strategy
  • Filing formal complaints regarding online reviews or other feedback
  • Publishing optimized content on high authority websites for maximum ranking (search engine reputation management)

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What Can This Service Do For Me or My Company?

A reputation management or online reputation repair campaign quite simply protects your business and allows it to grow free from erroneous or malicious customer feedback, reviews intended to sabotage companies, and other content that will make you look bad to your target market and cause them to avoid your products and services. Reputation management and reputation repair services make sure your online presence is an accurate reflection of of your customer service excellence, quality, and business integrity.

Remember, there could be malicious content hurting your company's reputation and driving away customers without you even knowing it exists, so make sure to do a Google search as soon as possible for your brand name or business (or yourself!) The first part of the battle is being aware of your "reputation report card." The second is finding reputation management services to use ORM to bring good and positive content to the fore and remove, suppress, or bury less favorable content wherever it appears on a website or social media. Negative reviews can hurt your company, but you are not powerless, and online reputation management can help.

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What Does Online Reputation Repair Include?

  • Review Management and Monitoring / Disputing negative reviews / Promoting favorable reviews
  • SEO to drive positive content to the top of a search result page for your most effective search terms
  • Monitoring mentions of a company, brand, or individual on a website or social media and reacting accordingly
  • Interlinking high impact and high authority positive online content
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Monitoring Search Results / Using SEO to drive positive content up the SERP
  • Uncovering content damaging to the online reputation of a business and removing or suppressing it
  • Contacting social media sites or search results companies to mitigate damaging content
  • Crisis communication / crisis strategies

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Online Reputation Repair at NewSunSEO

Whatever your needs, we can arrange for online reputation management or reputation repair that will ensure your company and brand are represented fairly on the internet and social media. Since an attack on your company reputation can come from anywhere and at any time, reputation management services are only effective if they can continue to monitor search results.

Our reputation management / reputation repair services start with an in-depth assessment of your online reputation and social media presence. With your feedback, we will develop a reputation repair strategy that includes SEO, review management, social media, search results monitoring, and much more.

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No business or company today can survive without a long term internet marketing plan, and online reputation management (or online reputation repair) must be part of that, so all of your SEO efforts and work to build brand recognition, positive public relations, a professional website, a superior customer experience, and more are not wiped out by online attacks. When you hire us to take care of your online reputation management. you can feel confident that your business and brand will be protected, and you'll be in control of what your customers see online.

And in the event that negative search results or online reviews are damaging your reputation, we will work with you to devise a plan for repairing your online reputation. Contact us today if you are tired of negative results making a bad impression and hurting you or your business online.

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