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Search Engine Optimization for Personal Injury Attorneys

What do we mean when we talk about seo for personal injury firms? SEO is a long-term marketing plan designed to ensure your firm appears in internet search results before your competitors. There are several effective ways to make your firm more visible to clients, but seo is so fruitful because for most people needing a product or service, their computer or smart phone is their first stop. If someone suffers a car accident and needs a personal injury attorney to represent them, they will almost certainly find that lawyer through Google.

The right marketing campaign can help make sure clients find YOU instead of other injury lawyers. Because users are likely to engage with one of the law firms that appears near the top of a search engine results page, you'll want to make sure your firm is using every tool at your disposal to get in front of clients--and that means drawing traffic by appearing in Google searches.

Why is it important for a personal injury law firm to make the most of seo strategy?

There's a big difference between creating a website for your personal injury law firm and making that site into a marketing tool that brings potential clients to your practice. Just building a site and throwing it out into cyberspace is no longer enough. Lawyers are competing for clients, but they're also competing with the designers and professionals behind those firms' marketing campaigns. Lawyers who understand seo--or those who place their marketing in the hands of a trustworthy and proven professional--will simply get more business... because people can find them. Injury lawyers who aren't getting the most from their online presence are missing out.

Consider this scenario: someone sustains injuries and has questions about what they may be legally entitled to receive. They will begin their research on the computer or phone by entering keywords and terms like car accident lawyers, injury lawyers, personal injury lawyers, or car accident attorney. Search engine rankings determine which law firms that person sees... and seo determines rank. It's perhaps the best strategy for growing your business because it brings it brings you leads who are already looking for you. When properly executed, an online marketing campaign delivers solid leads twenty-four seven, and they're the type of leads most likely to bear fruit. After all, they wouldn't be searching for a personal injury lawyer if they didn't need one! The only question is whether Google will point them to your law firm.

Don't leave it to chance, because other attorneys aren't. Your competitors are eager to bring traffic to their sites, and you can be assured they're using every trick in the law firm seo book to climb the ladder on Google.

What are the best ways for a personal injury lawyer to improve the rank for his or her firm?

With the industry in a constant state of flux and Google frequently changing its algorithms, how can law firms achieve success and get in front of search engine users? What are the main components of a successful seo campaign, and how can it get traffic to your website? It works best as a prolonged and multifaceted marketing approach, and a knowledgeable seo professional recognizes when to change with the market and the technology. However, some areas are of particular interest to injury lawyers who want to grow their website traffic, client base, improve client retention, and connect with the right people. Consider:

Keyword Research

Keywords are one way search engines index websites, and they can have a significant effect on rankings. Knowing which keywords to use, where to use them, and how frequently to use them is something that will make a big difference in an injury lawyer's online activity. Using the most effective keywords not only gets your site in front of more people, it leads the right people--those who need a firm in your practice area--to you. Customers who get the results appropriate to their search are one step closer to picking up the phone. So while the keywords that make a company rank with a search engine change frequently, they should always correlate to your practice areas so you connect with people looking for personal injury law firms like yours. SEO efforts are not complete without a review of the keywords used on your site and how they compare to those used by sites that outrank yours. That said, Google is evolving in an effort to deliver the highest quality experience to its users, so a list of keywords by itself is not enough; they must fit into the overall marketing approach and be supported by solid design and stellar content.

Website Design

Technical considerations like page load speed, broken links, error messages, and others can effect seo. What's more, when visitors become confused and cannot find the information they need, they'll leave the website, lowering your traffic, damaging your rank, driving clients to competitors, and overall, losing business for your law firm. An seo professional can conduct a thorough analysis of your website, discover what is negatively affecting your strategy, and make improvements for optimization. The website should also reflect your firm's brand and be supported by graphics and images that will make people want to reach out to your team. Every lawyer knows that first impressions are critical when establishing rapport--it's human nature. It's no different for your website. It should be slick, professional, informative, and easy to use. Be mindful of hidden factors on the website that could have a negative impact on your marketing efforts.

Content Creation

Content is a major factor in your seo program. Search engines rank websites through a variety of factors, and having enough (but not too much) quality content related to the services you provide is essential. For a personal injury lawyer or law firm, that might mean case studies, client reviews, a page introducing your team, or answers to questions clients have about the law practice and their situation. Content written with the voice of authority but in a a way a client can understand will help build trust. Your content sets you apart from the competition and puts a spotlight on what your personal injury firm does best. Make sure you take full advantage of this opportunity to highlight cases you've won and the knowledge that's come from those victories. If you need help with content creation--whether it's with getting ideas, research, or producing web-ready content--seo marketing professionals offer services to get you the traffic you need and improve rankings.

Keep in mind that content is not limited to just text. Images, charts and graphs, and video not only impart information, they can break up large sections of writing ang hold onto customer attention.

Link Building

Links allow search engines to literally crawl the web, moving from one site to another. The sites that provide links to yours not only bring in visitors--they also demonstrate to Google that your site is an authority in your field. When it comes to links, quantity matters, but so does quality. Connecting to and from other trusted, professional websites demonstrates your expertise. Link building increases traffic, and it also builds trust.

Blog Postings

Blogging might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a successful marketing endeavor, but when done correctly, it offers major advantages. For example, new content creates a reason for users to return to your site, and that increases traffic. It's a way to highlight very specific aspects of your practice and discuss relevant cases. Blogs can be used to build links, flesh out content, draw attention back to your primary website, and establish you as an authority in your industry.

Local SEO

A law firm marketing plan cannot neglect local seo. According to Google, four out of five consumers use their browser to find local information, and over half of those searches result in a phone call or visit within one business day. If someone is hurt in a car accident, they will be looking for personal injury law firms close by. Local seo is a strategy to optimize your site's Google My Business listing when the person searching is interested in a business in their geographic vicinity--as is most often the case with personal injury attorneys. Those looking for a lawyer close by might use a geo qualifier like "personal injury lawyer Myrtle Beach" or they might drop the geo qualifier: "personal injury lawyers near me." In the end, it doesn't matter if they include they geo qualifier or not--they are still looking for local services and personal injury lawyers who can represent them in their area. Ranking in local seo is similar to the steps taken in the wider campaign, with some important tactical differences.

What are the factors that will help your personal injury law firm rank in your local market? Google uses data aggregators to collect information about businesses. These are third-party sources that collect information and feed it to searches. There are several significant companies, and your website should be listed with each one--with a correct and current name, address, and phone number.

Citations refer to mentions of your name on other, trusted websites. Together with data aggregators, they create a web of leads back to your site, and when your information is accurate and consistent across all sources, it builds trust in you and improves local ranking.

There are also efforts you can make off site to promote yourself, like a social media presence and guest blog posts with links back to your own site. Taking steps to get more citations is something else that results in increased traffic.

Of course, all of this becomes an even greater challenge when the personal injury firms you're competing with have marketing plans that are aggressive and on point. You need to match what your competitors are doing to draw local traffic to your website, impressive prospective clients, and increase revenue. This isn't an easy task, and your firm will be competing with plenty of other personal injury lawyers.

In conclusion...

SEO is an important component of marketing for any personal injury law website, and optimization will bring traffic to your company. It's a complex and multifaceted process, and one that can take time to bring results--which means you should get started right away. Perhaps you are starting from scratch and want to do everything you can to get your brand name out there. Maybe you have a web presence but feel you should be doing more to promote it. Either way, seo is something that can benefit every lawyer and help them establish and grow their practice for years to come.

Best of all, when you put your marketing in the hands of a proven professional, there's little for you to do but pick up the phone and watch the new clients and cases pour in. Your seo company handles things in the digital world, freeing up your time for what you do best--representing clients and winning cases.

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