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Are Fiverr “Google My Maps” Citations Effective in Boosting Local Ranking?

Local ranking is like most things: there’s no real shortcut to success. The way to build local ranking and get into the Google three-pack is through diligent work and knowledge.

What about the Google My Maps citations for sale by so many people on Fiverr?

Not only do the Google My Maps citations produce an eye-catching chart as the freelancer creates their own custom maps, place pins of various colors throughout them, and tag each pin with your business information. It’s an attractive effect, and it sounds like an easy and surefire way to bolster your local ranking. It’s simple and relatively inexpensive to find someone on Fiverr willing to do between 20,000 and 40,000 Google map citations in a twenty-four-hour period. A quick search will lead you to these listings.

Some of the promises made by these vendors are fast local ranking and getting your business right to the top of the three-pack.

Reading this, you’re probably wondering what the downside could possibly be.

Recently, Darren Shaw from Whitespark but the Fiverr claims to the test.

He purchased 28,000 map pins on Fiverr for a business called Shaw Electrical that he created solely to test this concept. The vendor delivered them, along with the pretty graphic, in the respectable span of three days. He also received an extensive list of the pins that had been made.

Shaw then monitored the progress of Shaw Electrical. He made no other SEO efforts at all on behalf of Shaw Electric so he could get an accurate picture of the advantages of this service.

He used Whitespark Local Rank Tracking software to gauge the business’s progress, and in three months?

Absolutely nothing.

Shaw says, “There you have it. I’ve basically saved you $50 on Fiverr. You don’t need to go and spend that money to try this thing out. Now you know.”

Shaw’s experiment proves what he suspected all along: these citation services on Fiverr are a scam. You’ll have nothing to show for your money except the fancy chart – not exactly something that can help you move to the top of local rankings.

Save your money for good, old-fashioned SEO.


Whitespark: Do Fiverr “Google My Maps Citations” Help with Local Rankings?


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