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Developing a winning SEO strategy along with improving website user experience will bring more users to engage with your content.

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The announcement from Google that Page Experience will soon contribute even more heavily to search rankings confirms what web development, web design, and search engine optimization professionals have known for a long time.

Why Website user Experience is Important?

User experience is vital for building organic search with effective website traffic, leads, and conversions.

Google has always rated websites on performance because it wants to direct its web users to places online that will satisfy them.

Enhancing your site’s performance will not only indicate to search engines that your pages are worthwhile destinations, it will show your potential customers that you’re trustworthy, professional, and invested in the time they spend with you.

In today’s highly competitive market, digital marketing is continuously evolving their SEO services.

Websites need to develop a strong method when implementing UX design, SEO strategies, etc. that will positively impact your rank within the search engine result pages.

Domains not keeping up with UX design can risk the opportunity to improve or correct any user experience flaws, which may also reflect negatively on search results.

Here are some common SEO services you can take to increase your site’s performance and provide a better user experience for your visitors.

In 2021, Mobile-friendliness is a Must

The percentage of users searching from phones and mobile devices has increased to over 70 percent. Given these statistics, it obvious that you will want a site that caters to the many mobile users who will potentially visit it.

Mobile friendliness is also a factor to develop within an SEO service to help determine rankings. Best of all, it isn’t difficult to make sure your own site is mobile friendly for any site visitor.

Choose a responsive theme and install it, and then see how the site looks from a variety of devices.

The process is generally simple, and it will allow your site to adjust automatically to a user’s screen size. WordPress sites allow you to do this simply by choosing one of their included responsive themes.

Types of Responsive Designs that Need Optimizing for a Website

Your target audience can choose from three responsive design options to access your web pages; Desktop, tablet, and mobile.

To avoid increasing your bounce rate on web pages within your website, make sure that all responsive modes are compatible for a user friendly experience that search engines will like.

As you prepare to deploy the responsive theme, it’s a great time to cull some of the unnecessary content from your site and simplify your menus.

Doing this across your site will dramatically make a huge difference in increasing the potential value customers need.

Online users prefer simplicity, A key aspect in generating more traffic is by ensuring the mobile experience is easily accessible for site visitors.

What is a Call to Action?

Clear search and CTA (call to action) buttons are also an important aspect of user experience.

A call to action will tell potential customers exactly what to do to obtain many businesses’ services or products.

CTA buttons should align with your goals, such as encouraging visitors to call your office, directing them to your YouTube channel, and so on.

When SEO experts or a website development team fails to create a mobile-friendly responsive design for your website, this could negatively impact the user experience.

A lousy representation on a mobile view for a business website can damage the potential brand awareness reflecting overall SEO and, most importantly, missing out on new leads.

Lastly, eliminate pop-ups. Not only are they annoying and the antithesis to a good user experience, but in a visitor’s hurry to close a pop-up, they can accidentally redirect themselves to a new page.

Load Speed is More Important Than Ever

Slow site speed can result in visitors bouncing, and with its new Page Experience algorithm, Google will pay even more attention to this facet.

To improve SEO performance and avoid damaging website user experience, take the following steps to increase your page load speed:

  • Optimize code and remove any unnecessary code
  • Set your data to be cached for as long as possible, as long as you don’t redesign your site regularly
  • Reduce redirects
  • Use a Content Distribution Network so copies of your site are stored at different data centers and more quickly available to users
  • Optimize images and website content

Flesh Out Your Backlink Portfolio

It’s important to implement your SEO services to not only have plenty of sites pointing crawlers to yours, but they should also be high-authority sites that show search engines that your pages are trustworthy.

SEO companies cultivate these important SEO tips for backlinks by:

  • Marketing a blog post or articles to authority websites like Go Articles and Ezine Articles
  • Submit to business listings and directories
  • Build your online presence through social media – links from social media sites are considered high-authority

Optimize Structure and Organization

SEO experts ensure business optimization is displayed through the meta data, title, and heading tags to provide clues to your content for both a search engine and users.

If you properly engage both the user and search engine, this will build your organic SEO.

Find and Eliminate 401 and 404 Errors

To rank higher in search results for google, check your internal and external links to make sure they are taking your visitors where they want to go, and correct any broken links.

Broken links undermine the website user experience by not delivering on a promise to visitors and by wasting their time.

SEO techniques such as building links for a company website are supposed to support search engine optimization efforts, not the other way around.

Last but Not Least, Content

On page SEO services like creating and optimizing content is the crux of user experience because it is what brings visitors to your site in the first place.

Content should be relevant and valuable to your visitors; it should have a purpose beyond luring them to the page. An SEO agency will typically use analytics to see how your content is being received by users.

Engaging content will keep user engagement on the page longer while weaker content will result in bounces and less time on-page.

Compare high-performing content to lower-performing content to gain insight into what your visitors are finding value in.

That will make the job of improving weaker content much easier. Doing this across your site will dramatically make a huge difference in increasing the potential value customers need.

Conclusion About What We Covered

Much of page experience is intuitive. Putting yourself in your visitors’ place will go a long way toward pointing you to things to improve on your site. Website visitors do not like excessive pop-ups or broken links.

Your visitors are placing their trust in you to deliver on what was promised on the search engine results page, and meeting or preferably exceeding their expectations will show them you are someone they want to do business with.

Search engine optimization and UX design take on the responsibility of developing many aspects of a website’s performance.

Your website will rank highly in the SERPs (search engine result pages) if the web design and SEO strategy are performed alongside with supporting googles algorithm.

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