The 9 Best Local Listing Management Tools And SEO Software

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The 9 Best Local Listing Management Tools and SEO Software

A solid Myrtle Beach local SEO strategy can help local small businesses in the Grand strand to compete with larger corporations by utilizing the best listing practices and SEO software.

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Even for a small local business, establishing an online presence is important for growth, because local customers search for products and services and make buying decisions based on what they see online.

Optimizing for local SEO and managing directory listings is easier when you use the right local SEO tools.

These tools include a wide range of features that include:

  • An automated listings finder that allows you to discover directory listing opportunities and ensure consistency across all listings
  • The ability to update all listings at one time
  • Review management that alerts you to new reviews as well as tools to respond to reviews directly
  • Analytics

There are tools on the market today that offer all or most of the features in one place, and there are other choices that are more specialized.

MOZ and SEMrush are some of the most popular and best-known tools for local SEO and search engine support, and they now include listings management tools in their packages.

Since each business and situation is unique, different tools may be appropriate for different people and their goals.

SEO Software to Use

Whitespark’s Citation Finder tool

will help you find citation opportunities you might be missing, and in turn improve your local search ranking. It offers both a free and a paid subscription version.

The free version with its limited three searches per day will be sufficient for many. Paid subscriptions reach unlimited daily searches.

A single search from the local SEO tools that Whitespark provides uncovers many opportunities to improve your local search rankings, aiding in organic traffic and bringing you more business online.

Whitespark’s Local Rank Tracker

uses your location to help determine your overall local SEO performance as well as your standing versus competitors across several popular search engines.

It can also show you how you rank in different result types and allows you to track your social activity.

Reputation Builder

is useful for prompting customers (through email or text) to leave a review on any one of over 45 online review sites.

It also calculates NPS or Net Promoter Score, a measure of customer impressions about your business.

Review monitoring

alerts you to bad reviews so you can respond in a timely manner.


Yext offers several options for improving local SEO. It integrates with hundreds of directories to make sure your business information is consistent and current.

Knowledge Manager

is an FAQ tool that provides both automated answers and some you can customize. It can provide your customers with business hours, locations, and promotions.

An easy way to update listings and ensure their accuracy is Yext Pages. It works with the Knowledge Manager to provide information and generate sales.

Yext Listings

allows you to control the information you share with search engines and platforms like Facebook and Yelp.

It allows you to schedule updates, find suggestions to improve listings, and set up integration with other tools.

Yext Reviews

is a system for generating reviews and easily responding to them.

Yext solutions

also grant you access to analytics, duplicate listing prevention, data cleansing, and Google My Business and Listings management.


ReviewTrackers allows you to view customer feedback from several review sites from one dashboard. You can also solicit and monitor reviews and track performance by location.

It can be purchased as a single location plan or a multiple location plan for a monthly fee.

Moz Local

Moz is a well-known and trusted name in SEO software. This tool works for small and large businesses to ensure listings are consistent.

It allows you to put together a single listing, and it does the rest by sending your listing to search engines, apps, and directories.

Best of all, you can edit a listing and Moz will make the update on each directory for you.

Moz Local also alerts you when you receive a review on any major site so he can respond quickly. It syncs with Google My Business so you can easily respond to Google reviews.

Moz local is a trusted resource for local SEO solutions. Close to one of the best local seo tools money can buy, if the price of the local SEO services from Moz is high, expect to receive high quality results.

It is sold in yearly subscriptions.


Synup offers an all-in-one solution for your local SEO needs. With it, you can manage listings, monitor analytics, and create reports.

It offers unlimited listing updates and notifies you when reviews are posted, all while crawling through local search engines and directories in search of inconsistencies.

Local SEO Checklist

This website, powered by Synup, allows you to:

Ensure your Google My Business listing follows the correct guidelines

Check your website’s schema markup

Audit how your business listing appears across almost fifty websites


SEMrush is another extremely popular SEO tool. It provides users with a wealth of information, including keyword and website traffic information.

Some of SEMrush’s most popular tools are their backlink checker, competitor analysis, and keyword research tool. It has also developed an easy-to-use business listings management tool in collaboration with Yext.


This popular SEO tool offers a wide array of features, including:

  • A customized dashboard
  • Lead generation tools
  • Track organic, local, and mobile rankings
  • Determines when directory audit updates are needed
  • Google My Business and NAP audits
  • Review alerts
  • Social media analytics and Google analytics integration

It is also quite affordable, especially for a single business.

Advice Local

This listings management tool is comparable with Yext. However, it allows you to build local citations manually. It also offers features beyond directory listings and is affordably priced.

As you can see, there are a wide range of SEO and listings management tools available, and which you choose and how much you spend will depend on your needs.

You’ll want to take into consideration whether you’ll be using the tool for a single business location or multiple locations and whether you prefer to work with an all-in-one program or something more specialized.

Of course, the cost can also be a factor, but all of the tools listed here are the best SEO tools that are effective

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