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As we know, search engines like Google have thousands of different resources explaining how to improve your search engine rankings from apparent SEO experts.

However, low quality websites often find their way ranking high on search engine results pages and don’t tend to keep their SEO strategy up to date with best practices.

Over time, Google continues to make algorithm updates that change the SEO efforts for digital marketing. Creating misleading and outdated SEO practices all over the web.

However, not keeping up with best practices can lead to less website traffic, decreasing domain authority, and decreasing search engine visibility for website owners, and their potential customers.

The worst case scenario can even lead to possibly having your website removed from search rankings altogether if the methods violate the webmaster guidelines provided by Google.

If you’re uncertain if your SEO practices are up to date; NewSunSEO, our SEO Myrtle Beach agency covers five outdated SEO tactics that you shouldn’t be practicing anymore on your website:

1. Link Buying

Links are known to play a strong influence when trying to boost rankings for search results.

When other credible websites with high domain authority link to your site, your rankings will move closer to being on the first page of Google.

Outdated strategy

In the past, link buying for an internet marketing agency became a common practice in their SEO services because of its extraordinary success.

Updates on Buying Links

Unfortunately, buying links from low-quality sites, such as web directories producing spammy links for content, would soon discredit what search engines were trying to achieve: high-quality content.

Eventually, Google caught on, which led to an update that considers link buying not the best practice, and if caught trying to implement these old SEO tactics, your website can be penalized.

Link Building Strategy

So when you might be looking online for a digital marketing strategy, or scheduling an internet marketing agency proposal, listen carefully about their SEO services for link strategies.

Your marketing investment should align with your business goals. Gaining more leads by acquiring links through best practices will help you grow organic traffic with the target audience you’re trying to require.

2. Keyword Stuffing

Our SEO Myrtle Beach company considers Quality keyword implementation to play a significant role when SEO experts are trying to promote business growth.

Ensuring the content you create, and the keyword strategy you choose will help the overall SEO for website owners.

Outdated Keyword Strategy

In the past, SEO services and search engines found that more keywords on a page would help grow optimization for site owners.

Although over time, Google found this to be damaging the quality of content when keywords were becoming redundant within the context.

Which making keyword stuffing another outdated SEO practice on our list.

Updates on Keywords

So updates were made such as measurements of keyword density.

Keyword density measures how often your keyword appears on your pages, meta description, and more.

Keyword Density Guidelines

Best practices for websites have been recommended at 4% to 5% of keywords throughout your site.

Once a website has reached above the keyword density recommendation, optimization can be negatively affect rankings for your business website.

SEO Keyword Strategy

As long as you produce quality content your readers will enjoy, and follow best practices of keywords for Googles policies, your Keyword strategy will be effective if understanding which keywords matter for your company.

3. Content Spinning

Quality content comes from creating clear communication to the readers and , it has to be both

Outdated Strategy Content Spinning

Content spinning is an old strategy that entails finding relevant content for your website and changing the wording to your own.

In the past, the practice was an effective SEO method and helped rankings for clients websites.

Now, if search engines come across content that was duplicated, your website could face the consequences.

Creating the Best Content

Competitor analysis is a great way to think of new ideas. Although, simply copying, pasting, and changing some synonyms around another persons work is not in best practice.

Finding the time to build the brand online through your content editing with valuable information will grow throughout the search engine result pages.

Follow the best practices, hire a creative writer, or improve your creative writing to communicate the answers your consumers are looking to find.

If you seem like a reliable source, your readers will trust you, and possibly consider you for business just because you took the time to display your expertise.

4. Bad Keyword Matches

User intent should be the main focus within a marketing strategy for any SEO company that plans to optimize for a business website to get the right audience.

Outdated SEO Practices for Keyword Strategies

There are older SEO strategies that would optimize for generic keywords. For example, a keyword like “web design.”

When an SEO company or business marketing team chooses to select a generic keyword, they must know the reason behind the intent of the search.

Generic Keywords

It’s difficult to understand what somebody wants when they search “web design.” For example, the consumer might want a web design service or possibly web design tips.

When SEO efforts are focused on a generic keyword, you’re optimizing for more of an audience than what your business may need.

Good Keyword Strategy

Let’s say you’re a web design company trying to rank for a keyword that will bring more clients to the Myrtle Beach area.

A better long-tail keyword could be, SEO Myrtle Beach.

Maybe you are a more extensive SEO company operating in many cities in South Carolina. A possible keyword could be South Carolina SEO company.

They can even get more detailed when you formulate a Keyword strategy.

Narrow Down Your Search

When you type “Myrtle Beach SEO company” for a service, the user narrows the search by location, specialty, and a business.

This is something more likely a person in your location would type if they’re searching for services rather than tips.

5. Exact Keyword for Anchor Text

The Penguin update from Google was able to grasp better understanding of the context displayed on web pages. Its goal is to measure the quality of content.

The update measures the content’s quality and penalizes any that display thin content, poor content, or bad linking practices.

Old Anchor Text Strategy

Old techniques would involve inserting exact keywords within the anchor text, hoping that Google would understand the page better.

But remember, Google wants the content to both compliments the search engine and the reader.

When people repetitively insert exact matches of keywords within the anchor text, it could be hard to understand.

Sometimes, it looks out of place when you’re trying to force the keyword into the context where it doesn’t belong.

So if you decide to implement an Exact Keyword, ensure it belongs and sounds right, and not overly used.

Effective Anchor Text Strategy

Always include variations of keyword in your anchor texts that display relevancy.

Some proactive SEO examples of anchor text styles can include:

  • Branded anchors
  • Naked URL’s
  • Author links
  • LSI keywords
  • Partial match
  • Title tag Links

If you take the time to make the anchor text flow naturally within your content and avoid redundancy, you will see improvements within your anchor text strategy.


SEO continues to change over time because of new updates from Google, Bing, etc. trying to better their platforms.

As we all know, there are billions of search quires with millions of web pages trying to provide the answers for consumers.

If you’re looking for SEO tips online, be careful and make sure you’re not following these outdated SEO practices like:

  • Link buying strategies
  • Repetitive Keyword stuffing
  • Content spinning other peoples work
  • Choosing the wrong keyword to track

While there are many good resources online, there are even more resources that’ll damage your marketing efforts.

Be sure to make sure the website your pulling information off is credible.

If you want to seek further information on finding the best SEO practices, you can vist Googles webmaster guide lines.

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