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What Needs to be Done

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Proactive Maintenance

Links coming to your website are still a very important part of search engine rankings these days and still very important to our Long Island SEO services. However, websites having too many low quality links pointing from sites with poor content will hurt search rankings. This is especially the case if there are a very low amount of links from websites with high quality content or domain authority. A low quality backlink portfolio (Too many low quality backlinks / too few high quality backlinks) will likely cause a manual penalty. This is where our Backlink Audit Services can help pro-actively, before you receive a penalty. Google has stated they take action on 400,000+ websites every month. Not knowing the link quality of websites linking to you could ultimately trigger to a manual penalty. Recovering from a manual penalty could take weeks or months to successfully request re-inclusion to search engine results pages from the powers that be Google. There are several factors Google says can cause a manual penalty to be applied to your website, the most frequent cause we've seen are "Un-natural Links to Your Website."

Penalty Recovery

An Overview Of Search Engine Penalties

  • Manual Actions - (Overview)
  • Spam
    • Spammy Structured Markup
    • Pure Spam
    • Spammy free-hosts
    • User-generated spam
    • Cloaking and / or sneaky redirects
  • Hacked site
  • Hidden text and/or keyword stuffing
  • Thin content with little or no added value
  • Image Mismatch
  • Un-natural links
    • Un-natural links from your site
    • Un-natural links to your site
    • Un-natural links to your site - impacts links

How We Help You Recover

Links to your website need to be fit contextually into the topic of your website pages. This creates link juice and helps to build your page authority / domain authority. It is quality and not quantity of links today. Performing an in depth Website Backlink Audit shows us what sites are linking to you. This is the first step in our two-part recovery approach. Link removal requests are sent to the webmasters where the low quality links are coming from asking for removal of these links. If webmasters do not honor these requests, we will disavow the low quality links. Next high quality Content is created, added to your website then shared through Social Media channels, building high quality backlinks from high authority websites. We efficiently remove and dilute the low quality backlinks as we build new, high quality, contextually relevant content which receive high-quality backlinks through social shares from high domain authority websites.

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Our Backlink Auditing service is available on its own or as an included part of our monthly SEO services.

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