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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 1,255 square miles. It is the largest county by land area in South Carolina.

Horry County is in the northeastern corner of South Carolina. It is a diverse land made up of rivers, beaches, forests, and swamps, and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Little Pee Dee River and Drowning Creek on its western side, and North Carolina to the north.

The Waccamaw River runs through southeastern North Carolina and eastern South Carolina into Horry County. The river runs through the coastal plain, along the eastern border between the two states, and into the Atlantic Ocean.

Horry County was created from Georgetown District in 1801. Isolated by the many rivers and swamps typical of the South Carolina Lowcountry, the area essentially was surrounded by water, forcing its inhabitants to survive without much assistance from the "outside world".

The area has become a destination for retirees and people owning second homes. It has been developed for resorts and retirement communities.

The majority-white residents have constituted a majority-Republican voter base since the late 20th century. Tourism is a huge part of the Horry County we know and love today.

Home to beautiful beaches, warm weather, hot bars and clubs, millions flock from all over to vacation here.

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Horry County, South Carolina

Horry County, South Carolina Map

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Horry County, SC - Driving Directions to Our Office in Myrtle Beach

From Horry County, South Carolina

to 1000 21st Ave N #9, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

27 min (23.8 miles)

via SC-22 E

Fastest route, the usual traffic

Horry County

South Carolina


  • Get on SC-22 E from SC-905 N - 7 min (5.3 mi)
  • Head northeast on Hwy 472 toward Dexter Ln - 1.1 mi
  • Turn right onto SC-66 S - 0.9 mi
  • Turn left onto SC-905 N - 2.7 mi
  • Use the right lane to take the ramp onto SC-22 E - 0.5 mi
  • Continue on SC-22 E. Take SC-31 to Robert M Grissom Pkwy. Take the exit toward Grissom Pkwy from SC-31 - 13 min (14.1 mi)
  • Merge onto SC-22 E - 7.3 mi
  • Take the SC-31 S exit toward US 501 - 0.9 mi
  • Merge onto SC-31 - 5.3 mi
  • Take the exit toward Grissom Pkwy - 0.6 mi
  • Continue on Robert M Grissom Pkwy to your destination in Myrtle Beach - 8 min (4.4 mi)
  • Merge onto Robert M Grissom Pkwy - 4.0 mi
  • Turn left onto 21st Ave N - 0.4 mi
  • Turn left onto Farlow St - 197 ft
  • Turn left - 240 ft
  • 1000 21st Ave N #9, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

From Horry County, South Carolina

to 1000 21st Ave N #9, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

34 min (24.2 miles)

via International Dr

Horry County

South Carolina


  • Take Hwy 472 to SC-905 S - 4 min (2.3 mi)
  • Head southwest on Hwy 472 toward Dukes Rd - 1.6 mi
  • Turn left onto Hwy 471 - 0.7 mi
  • Take Old Reaves Ferry Rd, International Dr and Robert M Grissom Pkwy to Farlow St in Myrtle Beach - 32 min (21.8 mi)
  • Turn right onto SC-905 S - 2.4 mi
  • Sharp left onto Old Reaves Ferry Rd - 5.9 mi
  • Turn right onto Bear Bluff Rd - 0.8 mi
  • Turn right onto SC-90 W - 2.2 mi
  • Turn left onto International Dr - 6.0 mi
  • Continue onto Robert M Grissom Pkwy - 4.1 mi
  • Turn left onto 21st Ave N - 0.4 mi
  • Drive to your destination - 47 s (436 ft)
  • Turn left onto Farlow St - 197 ft
  • Turn left - 240 ft
  • 1000 21st Ave N #9, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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