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Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area is home to a diverse ecosystem and a variety of native wildlife. Many visitors come to the area in the hopes of catching a glimpse of some of the area’s most famous aquatic residents. Loggerhead sea turtles are found in the waters around the South Carolina coast From Little River, near the North Carolina border, all the way to the state’s southernmost city of Hilton Head, near Georgia. Despite conservation efforts, these turtles, which can grow up to three feet long and reach a weight of two hundred pounds, are on the endangered species list and have been since the 1970s. It’s also not unusual to see dolphins in the waters around the Grand Strand. There are at least nine different species in the area including bottlenose, Atlantic spotted, short-snouted spinner, and striped. Most dolphins travel in pods of several members. Alligators prefer inland water such as the marshes at Huntington Beach State Park or Murrells Inlet, where you can even take an alligator tour!

Common seagulls aren’t the only water birds to be found around Myrtle Beach. Brown pelicans can be seen gliding just above the surface of the ocean in search of a meal. There are also herons, egrets, a variety of owls, many species of ducks and geese, and even hawks and bald eagles!

As for mammals, the Myrtle Beach area is home to deer, black bears, coyotes, both gray and red foxes, and river otters, who especially prefer the wooded areas north of the coast between Carolina Forest, Conway, and beyond.

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Our Myrtle Beach Plumbing SEO Results Speak For Themselves

Below are just a few examples of our client SEO work, in which we have ranked our client position 1 for MANY of their most competitive keyword phrases. We can get these same SEO results for your business!

Law Firm Search Engine Optimization

Plumbing SEO Myrtle Beach

At some point, every home owner or business in Myrtle Beach needs plumbing services. When these services are needed, often times people will turn to the internet. This is where search engine optimization comes into play for your Myrtle Beach plumbing business. To increase leads, clients, and sales, your website needs to not only be seen in the search results, but rank in the top positions. At NewSunSEO, we want to help your plumbing business achieve these results by optimizing your website.


Through a digital marketing campaign that includes search engine optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is a blanket term for a variety of techniques to take advantage of Google algorithms. SEO aims to drive your Myrtle Beach plumbing company website to the top of the search results page and in turn, increase online visibility, connect with clients, and grow your business.

SEO is best when used as a sustained and multifaceted marketing approach. SEO experts know there's no one way to reach top rankings and get the attention of customers. The best search engine results come when SEO professionals take advantage of every opportunity to amplify and optimize a plumber's online presence.

How Plumbing SEO Grows Business in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach home owners and businesses in need of plumbing services overwhelmingly turn to the internet. In fact, more than 80 percent of consumers use search engines to research services they need - and every home owner or business will eventually need a plumber. What's more, research shows that 95 percent of customers never search beyond the first page of Google search results. They'll choose from one of the businesses they find near the top of the Google search results.

If your plumbing business isn't there, the sad fact is, they'll choose another business.

It's essential for your Myrtle Beach business to get new customers. By using SEO, you can drive your plumbing website to the top of the search results page where it will be seen by customers and result in lead generation.

Get Started With Plumbing SEO in Myrtle Beach

You can see why SEO for plumbing will help you improve your Google rankings, increase website traffic, connect with potential customers in Myrtle Beach, and ultimately, grow your business. But where should plumbers get started in improving their search engine rankings? It's true that SEO can be complex and involve a lot of variables, but there are steps you can take to get started.

Invest in a Professional Website

When you start out with plumbing marketing / plumbing SEO, the first step is to get a polished and professional website that you can optimize to draw website traffic. Building a professional website offers several advantages, not least of which being that it provides a good first impression of your services. If you present your Myrtle Beach customers with a shoddy site, they will not form a high opinion of your services, so it's important to look polished and trustworthy.

Search engines will also penalize badly built sites. If the search engine encounters broken links and error messages, rankings will suffer. Everything from url structure, page organization, meta descriptions, title tags, and more will alert search engines to website quality and influence rankings.

Keyword Research

Customers rarely conduct a local search using a business name. They're much more likely to search according to the services they need. Industry specific keywords for plumbing may include terms such as: water heater, leak repair, or drain cleaning in Myrtle Beach.

It's imperative that you know which keywords people are using to find services like yours, because you not only want to rank well in the terms that bring you business, you want to reach your target audience, and that's people in need of your plumbing solutions.

Content Creation

In its quest to improve and offer a better experience to its users, Google is evolving. Currently, it is rewarding websites for more content - higher word count aimed toward satisfying user intent. Basically, your website needs a lot of content, it needs relevant content, and it needs to include the keywords you discovered in your initial keyword research.

Keywords also change, and part of digital marketing success hinges on continuing to optimize content. SEO works best as an ongoing strategy, so businesses should make sure to monitor their rankings and adjust accordingly.

Creating Posts Based on Expertise

Now that you know how important relevant content is to online marketing, you can use it to your advantage by sharing your plumbing industry knowledge with potential clients here in Myrtle Beach. Not everyone who visits a plumbing website is ready to make an appointment. Some just have questions about services, and Google rewards sites based on user intent - answers to questions. Your plumbing industry experience can get people to your page through blog posts and articles - just make sure you include keywords and your phone number, because when they are ready to contact you for services, they'll remember you.

Link Building and Backlinks

Keywords continue to affect ranking, but plumbing companies also need links for a successful SEO campaign. Links to your website from other high authority sites - preferably in the plumbing field - show Google your site is trustworthy. Building links can be time intensive, but its an important part of SEO.

Also be aware that toxic links can hurt your campaign and damage ranking. They must be reported to Google or removed. Your marketing / SEO services should include help getting rid of any link that's hurting your rank.

Directory Listings

A lot of backlinks come from online directories, but if directory entries are inaccurate or incomplete, they can do more harm than good, because Google uses them to judge your website's trustworthiness and authority - something that has a major effect on ranking. Part of your local SEO strategy should be an assessment of your directory listings.

Technical and Onsite SEO

Everything from title tags, schema, meta description, image optimization, anchor tags, article and video placement, and more can affect rankings. Depending on the structure of the website / pages, this can be an involved process, and it needs to be updated as strategy, algorithms, and other conditions change.

Local SEO

Your services need to reach local customers right here in the Myrtle Beach area, and they can do so through SEO targeted to the local market, Google My Business optimization, and getting onto the map pack. When someone needs a plumber, they want someone from the Myrtle Beach community. The top spot for any plumber is the Google three pack - the three local businesses shown under the Google map - and a plumber who achieves this rank will see a big boost in business.

Plumbing SEO at NewSunSEO

If you are a Myrtle Beach plumbing business who needs help improving your website ranking, you've come to the right place. We are an award winning team with a diverse skill set and over eighteen years of experience. We can build your website, optimize it for SEO and local SEO, conduct keyword research, assess directory listings, monitor keywords and rank, and link building. Contact us today to get started on improving your search rankings.

Driving directions to our Myrtle Beach SEO office:

NewSunSEO, while offering our services nationwide, currently has locations in these areas:

Long Island, NY

On Long Island, NY (New York), NewSunSEO offers; Long Island SEO / Local SEO Long Island / Pay Per Click / Long Island Web Design / Long Island Web Development as a full service Internet marketing company providing a full range of digital marketing services to Long Island business owners using leading SEO strategies, which include search engine optimized content marketing. As an award-winning Long Island SEO company, we also offer Local SEO, Logo Design, Web Design and Web Development to small and large businesses throughout Long Island NY, New York, The Tri State area & beyond.

Myrtle Beach, SC

In Myrtle Beach, SC (South Carolina) NewSunSEO offers; Myrtle Beach SEO / Local SEO Myrtle Beach / Pay Per Click / Myrtle Beach Web Design / Myrtle Beach Web Development as a full service Internet marketing company providing a full range of digital marketing services to Myrtle Beach business owners using leading SEO strategies, which include search engine optimized content marketing. As an award-winning Myrtle Beach SEO company, we also offer Local SEO, Logo Design, and Web Development to small and large businesses throughout Myrtle Beach SC, South Carolina, The Grand Strand area & beyond.

Portland, OR

In Portland, OR (Oregon) NewSunSEO offers; Portland SEO / Portland Local SEO / Pay Per Click / Portland Web Design / Portland Web Development as a full service Internet marketing company providing a full range of digital marketing services to Portland business owners using leading SEO strategies, which include search engine optimized content marketing. As an award-winning Portland SEO company, we also offer Local SEO, Logo Design, Web Design and Web Development to small and large businesses throughout Portland OR, Oregon, The Beaver State surrounding areas & beyond.

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