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It’s no surprise that Portland has its share or weird myths and legends. The Bandage Man of Cannon Beach is one of the creepiest. This apparition, which is described as a figure wrapped in bloody bandages and stinking of rotting flesh, has been reported roaming the coastline since the 1950s.

The Shanghai Tunnels in Portland are more grounded in reality, but no less unsettling. These tunnels linked Old Town Portland to the downtown area, and for almost 100 years, starting around 1850, they were used to kidnap able-bodied men and force them into unpaid labor aboard ships. “Deadfalls” or trap doors through which the drugged or intoxicated victims could be dropped into the tunnels, still exist. Not surprisingly, the tunnels are said to be haunted by the spirits of the many people who died within them.

In true Portland fashion, one of the weirdest urban legends surrounds a 1980s video game, Polybius. Some claimed the game, with its geometric patterns and colorful shapes, was hypnotic and addictive. Even more farfetched theories, like the game being a facet of the CIA’s MK-ultra mind control experiment, continued to emerge, fueled by two teenagers who disappeared after playing the game and a third man who reportedly was abducted while playing the game, dragged through the city’s underground tunnels, lost consciousness, and finally awoke in the Tillamook State Forest, over sixty miles away.

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Our Portland HVAC SEO Results Speak For Themselves

Below are just a few examples of our client SEO work, in which we have ranked our client position 1 for MANY of their most competitive keyword phrases. We can get these same SEO results for your business!

Law Firm Search Engine Optimization

Portland HVAC SEO

Many homes and businesses in Portland need HVAC services. Whether it's cooling a room with an air conditioning system in the summer or heating a building in the winter, people like to be comfortable in the spaces they're in. When people need HVAC related services, they often turn to the Internet to look for HVAC companies. This is where SEO, or search engine optimization, comes into play for your HVAC company. When people search for HVAC services, your HVAC website needs to not only be seen in the search results, but also rank in the top positions. At NewSunSEO, we want to help your Portland HVAC company achieve these results by optimizing your website.

HVAC companies are just like any other business - they need a marketing strategy to reach potential customers in order to profit and grow. A HVAC marketing campaign today means an online presence and using search engines like Google to connect with customers here in Portland - and that means good rankings in search results.


Through a digital marketing campaign that includes search engine optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is a blanket term for a variety of techniques to take advantage of Google algorithms, drive your Portland HVAC website to the top of the search results page, increase visibility, connect with customers, and grow. Ultimately, you want to use SEO to have your website rank in the top results in search engines.

SEO strategies are best when used as a sustained and multifaceted marketing approach. SEO experts know there's no one way to reach top rankings and get the attention of customers. The best search engine results come when SEO professionals take advantage of every opportunity to employ and amplify SEO tactics to optimize the online presence of your Portland HVAC company.

How HVAC SEO Grows Business

Portland home and business owners in need of HVAC related services overwhelmingly turn to the internet. In fact, more than 80 percent of consumers use search engines to research services they need. What's more, research shows that 95 percent of customers never search beyond the first page of Google listings. They'll choose from one of the businesses they find near the top of the search results.

If your HVAC website isn't there, the sad fact is, they'll choose another business.

It's essential for your Portland HVAC company to acquire new customers. Our SEO for HVAC companies can drive your business to the top of the search results page, where it will be seen by customers who need your services.

Get Started With HVAC SEO in Portland

You can see why SEO for HVAC companies will help improve your Google search results, increase traffic to your website, connect with potential customers, and ultimately, grow your business. But where should HVAC companies begin in improving their search engine rankings? It's true that SEO can be complex and involve a lot of variables, but there are some steps you can take to get started.

Invest in a Professional Website

When you get started with HVAC marketing / HVAC SEO, the first step is to get a polished and professional website that you can optimize to draw traffic here in Portland. Building a professional website offers several advantages, not least of which being that it provides a good first impression of your services. If you present a shoddy site, people will not form a high opinion of your services, so it's important to look polished and trustworthy.

Search engines will also penalize badly built sites. If the search engine encounters broken links and error messages, rankings will suffer. Everything from URL structure, page organization, meta descriptions, title tags, and more will alert search engines to website quality and influence rankings.

Keyword Research

It's important to conduct keyword research to determine user intent. Portland customers rarely conduct a local search using a business name. They're much more likely to search according to the services they need, using search terms such as: AC repair, hot water heater, or heating and cooling. They may even use long tail keywords such as, "best air conditioning repair service" for a more specific search.

It's imperative that you know which search terms people are using to find services like yours, because you not only want to rank well in the terms that bring you business, you want to reach your target audience, and that's people in need of HVAC services.

Content Creation

In its quest to improve and offer a better experience to its users, Google is evolving. Currently, it is rewarding websites for more content - higher word count aimed toward satisfying user intent. Basically, your website needs a lot of high quality content, it needs relevant content, and it needs to include the keywords you discovered in your initial keyword research. If keywords such as 'AC repair Portland' or 'heating and cooling' are in that research, they need to be in your content.

Keywords also change, and part of digital marketing success hinges on continuing to optimize high quality content. SEO works best as an ongoing strategy, so businesses should make sure to monitor their rankings and adjust accordingly.

Creating Posts Based on HVAC Expertise

Now that you know how important relevant content is to online marketing, you can use it to your advantage by sharing your HVAC knowledge with your Portland customers. Not everyone who visits a HVAC website is ready to make an appointment. Some just have questions about services or pricing, and Google rewards sites based on user intent - answers to questions. Your HVAC industry experience can get people to your page through blog posts and articles - just make sure you include keywords, your phone number, and email address, because when they are ready to contact you for services, they'll remember you.

Link Building and Backlinks

Keywords continue to affect ranking, but HVAC companies also need links for a successful SEO campaign. Links to your website from other high authority sites - preferably in the HVAC industry - show Google your site is trustworthy. Building links can be time intensive, but it's an important part of your SEO campaign.

Also be aware that toxic links can hurt your campaign and damage ranking. They must be reported to Google or removed. Your marketing / SEO services should include help getting rid of any link that's hurting your rank.

Directory Listings

A lot of backlinks come from online directories, but if directory entries are inaccurate or incomplete, they can do more harm than good, because Google uses them to judge your website's trustworthiness and authority - something that has a major effect on ranking. Part of your local SEO strategy should be an assessment of your directory listings.

Technical and Onsite HVAC SEO

Everything from title tags, schema, meta description, image optimization, anchor tags, article and video placement, and more can affect rankings. Depending on the structure of the website / pages, this can be an involved process, and it needs to be updated as strategy, algorithms, and other conditions change.

Local SEO

Local SEO is critical for your Portland HVAC company because locals are your primary target market. HVAC companies need to reach local customers and can do so through SEO targeted to the local market through Google My Business optimization and getting onto the map pack. When someone needs HVAC services, they want a local HVAC business. The top spot for any HVAC business is the Google three pack - the three local businesses shown under the Google map - and HVAC companies who achieve these ranks will see a big boost in business. The bottom line is to use local SEO to rank in the top three Portland HVAC listings.


If you are a HVAC company here in Portland who needs help improving your website ranking, you've come to the right place. We are an award winning SEO team with a diverse skill set and over eighteen years of experience. We want to help grow your business by building your website, optimizing it for SEO and local SEO, conducting keyword research, assessing directory listings, monitoring keywords and rank, and link building. Contact us today to get started on improving your search engine results. Our office is in the heart of Portland, and it's our mission to help local businesses succeed!

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