Who’s Doing Social Media Right? Weigh In Here was originally published on BruceClay.com, home of expert search engine optimization tips . Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Top takeaways: Current ways of thinking about social media marketing seem to divide the medium rather than unify it with other marketing channels — to a brand’s detriment. How can we change our practices to support to a more holistic model? Here’s an interesting mid-week read for you: Social Media Advertising Is Set to Explode. Who Will Control It? The short story: Industry watchers, really everyone reading this, saw social media marketing cut an unprecedented fast track for business adoption and budget. Now all hands are reaching for a piece of the pie; that’s PR, advertising, digital media, and social media agencies all staking a claim to the financial bounty that comes with controlling the new media budget. But which arm of media management or communications would best serve social on behalf of business? Before any business can choose, the AdAge article warns of three social media misconceptions that can muddy decision making

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Who’s Doing Social Media Right? Weigh In Here