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Is Your Company SEO Ready?

Is Your Company SEO Ready? was originally published on, home of expert search engine optimization tips . Estimated reading time: 5 minutes Top takeaways: • It takes a unified team across all department to build a house of SEO.  • Each department has to anticipate the upcoming challenges they’ll face, and how how their teams will fit in to the framework of SEO.  If you’re getting ready to integrate search engine optimization into your business for the first time or perhaps revisiting it, preparation is half the battle. Trying to manage competing initiatives, departments and goals within your company takes a lot of prepping so everyone works in tandem to ensure SEO is done right organization-wide. Add to that the working relationship between an agency and in-house team (if you’re looking to hire consultants), and you have a lot of people who have to brace for the impact SEO on the organization. Every day, each team here at Bruce Clay, Inc. must work together with client organizations towards the goal of successful SEO implementation. I quickly took a poll this morning across multiple departments to ask the following question: What are the top few pieces of advice you’d give the [insert department here] within a company that’s prepping to implement SEO in house? Below, you’ll find some recommendations from various team members here who work in account management, Web development, social media, Web design and content

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Is Your Company SEO Ready?

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