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NewSunSEO is a premium SEO, Local SEO, Internet Marketing Agency.

With offices on Long Island, NY and Myrtle Beach, SC we provide high end Website Design / Website Development specifically from a search engine marketing standpoint.


Search Engine Optimisation Services

NewSunSEO aligns strategic SEO techniques with your company's goals by selecting highly targeted keywords that bring high quality traffic to your website. Your website is then SEO optimized for these keywords, focusing on user intent to get your website top search results for your products & services. We invite you to take a look at some of our Law Firm SEO results.

Local SEO

Local SEO Services

Local SEO delivers your local business website to people searching on desktop & mobile devices for local products and services. Local SEO puts your business at the top of local search results through Google My Business optimization, mobile friendliness, NAP citations, and five-star reviews, which are becoming greater Local SEO ranking factors as we head into 2021.

Web Design

Web Design Services

You MUST have a mobile friendly website & be https compliant. https technology offers greater security to your website visitors. Page load spead optimization creates faster user experiences across all devices. Mobile friendly websites generate more sales, leads & customers. Mobile Internet usage surpassed desktop in 2016, so your website NEEDS to be mobile friendly in 2021.

Web Development

Web Development Services

Get Professional Website Development that satisfies the most demanding website visitor every time: proper calls to action, fast page load speeds, and complete product organization, whether you have 250,000 products, 250,000 visitors, or multiple locations. You receive the most cutting-edge solutions that meet your visitors’ expectations, as well as your own.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) proactively monitors mentions of your brand throughout the Internet. ORM insulates your brand / business from negative content adversely impacting your brand or business before it happens. ORM is critical for businesses to proactively maintain positive brand identity in the eyes of consumers. As more business owners understand the value of ORM in the growth of their business, many choose proactive ORM experts like NewSunSEO.

Online Reputation Repair

Online Reputation Repair

Damaged online reputations can hurt any person or business and while it’s not always easy to repair, it can be done through suppression of negative content (pushing negative search results down) and pushing positive results up. We create new content, publish press releases & create NAP citations. Since a single negative search result can mean a 22 percent drop in revenue, this process is worth undertaking. This can be a lengthy process, so it’s best to start before something negative shows up.

Local SEO Citation Building

Local SEO Citation Building

A local SEO citation (NAP - Name, Address, Phone Number) is any mention of your business name, address, and phone number on another local business website, social media site, a review site or directory website etc. We proactively create citations for your business to help your customer base find you and improve your local search engine rankings. NAP citations are one of the strongest Google Local ranking factors, even still as we begin to enter 2021 & they will continue to be in the forseeable future.

SEO Optimized Content Writing

SEO Optimized Content Writing

Our SEO Content Writing is geared specifically toward top search engine rankings and attracting visitors to your site, which is an art and a science. We create engaging, dynamic content for your site that is also optimized to get you the highest possible position on the search engine results pages. Our team of experienced SEO content writers can ensure your static pages, blog posts, and more are designed from the ground up to engage your visitors and achieve top search engine rankings in the process.

Search Engine Optimization

Our Long Island SEO & Myrtle Beach SEO based Internet marketing services are strategically delivered to bring you high quality website visitors who convert into customers through SEO, Local SEO, Web Design and Web Development.

Millions of people look for products and services like yours every day. We use in-depth consumer psychology analysis to find the organic and local keyword phrases that deliver the most customers. NewSunSEO exists to get your business found by these potential customers at the exact time they are ready to buy. Shoppers no longer use phone books, instead relying on tools like search engines, Google Places, or GPS navigation systems in their mobile devices. We help your website be found in search engines on both mobile and desktop devices. Whether you're a doctor, lawyer, general contractor, carpet cleaner, or retail store owner, NewSunSEO helps customers find your website, contact you through your site or by phone, or purchase products through your online store. Your business cannot afford to rank last on Google. Below is an example of our own search engine rankings. If we can do this for ourselves, competing against the best SEO agencies, we can absolutely do this for your website.

NAP / Citation Scan Tool

Local SEO NAP Scanner (Name, Address, Phone)

Local SEO

Mobile Internet usage overtook desktop usage in 2016. Ranking your website through local SEO in local search results is more important than ever because search engines are using location data to return search results, especially on mobile devices. If no one can find your website, it is not bringing you any business. NewSunSEO has perfected the process of getting you top organic search engine rankings, as well as ensuring you show up in the first three local search results and maps listings. We optimize your GEO search engine location data so you get seen before your competitors.

You get full service, professional website design and development solutions, matched with the best search engine optimization - SEO / Local SEO results to take your Business to the next level.

Free Mobile Website Conversion


Consistent NAP citations, Highest Domain Authority Sources. International orders welcome.

Mini Local

  • Full Citation Audit
  • Google+ Business Account Optimized
  • 30 Local Directory Citations
  • 5 Photos x 3 Photo Sharing Sites

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Starter Local

  • Full Citation Audit
  • Google+ Business Account Optimized
  • 30 Local Directory Citations
  • 10 Photos x 3 Photo Sharing Sites
  • 5 Videos Submitted to YouTube

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Premium Local

  • Full Citation Audit
  • Google+ Business Account Optimized
  • 50 Local Directory Citations
  • 10 Photos x 5 Photo Sharing Sites
  • 5 Videos x 5 Video Sharing Sites
  • 5 Social Media Citations

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Hyper Local

  • Full Citation Audit
  • Google+ Business Account Optimized
  • 90 Local Directory Citations
  • 10 Photos x 10 Photo Sharing Sites
  • 5 Videos x 10 Video Sharing Sites
  • 15 Social Media Citations

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We provide EVERYTHING NEEDED to grow your Business online and take it to the next level.

We focus on the most important search ranking factors to get you to the top:


ONLY High Domain Authority backlink sources. Quality backlinks still dominate search ranking factors.

LSI Keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing utilizes user intention to create logically structured content that not only ranks, but increases time-on-site.

Quality Relevant Content

Longer pages, with easy to read, relevant content continue to climb & rank better than shorter harder to read pages.

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile searches continue to increase, as do the number of mobile friendly sites in the top 30 search engine results pages (SERPs).

Page Speed

Along with Mobile Friendliness as a ranking factor, Google continues to give website page load speed more and more weight.

Social Signals

Google says it's not a ranking factor, however, data analysis shows a correlation between # of social signals & rankings. More engaging content = More social signals.

Our Local SEO focuses on the most critical Local SEO ranking factors:

Full Citation Audit

The most critical aspect of Local SEO is consistency, which is why every Local SEO campaign starts with a full Local SEO audit.

National Directories

These typically have the Highest Domain Authority and usually the most amount of incorrect NAP information.

Local / Niche Directories

Local / niche listings are the bread and butter of Local SEO. These provide highly relevant / geo-centered NAP citations.

Local Profile Optimization

Consistent NAP information is key. Our optimization tweaks for each submission make you stand out even more. Plus, everything we create, you own.

Rich Media Citations

Any SEO company can submit you to directories. We make them count with geo-tagged photos & videos, plus citations and links from rich media sources.

Social Citations

Social Media continues to grow. We build YOU the highest quality NAP Citations from THE Highest Domain Authority Internet properties.

Local SEO - Citation Cleanup Service. Have you moved your Business, gotten a new phone number or see different variations of your Business name online? One of the biggest negative ranking factors is inconsistent NAP citations. This service fixes that.

Full Citation Audit

We perform a full audit of all your NAP citations & provide you with our report. Our first step is identifying your inconsistent NAP citations needing correction.

Locate Incorrect NAP sources

Once our NAP citation audit is completed, we compile your incorrect NAP listings to begin the correction tasks.

NAP Corrections

One of our Local SEO experts then begins to contact each incorrect NAP citation source individually to get your NAP information corrected.

Claim NAP Listings

Your unclaimed NAP citation listings will be claimed on your behalf, with your correct NAP information submitted for update.

Fix All Your Citation Issues

We contact every incorrect NAP citation source for you, claim your listings, submit updated / correct NAP information for you.

Full Report Delivered

Once our work is done, we deliver a comprehensive NAP citation report to you, detailing your updated / corrected NAP citations.

Web Design Auto Market of Long Island, NY

Eye Catching Designs

We use the latest methods of coding, matched with highly creative designs. Not only will your customers love your website, Google will too!

Latest Code Markup

You likely know you want a Responsive website that works on all mobile devices. Maybe you also Bootstrap, Zurb, Materialize, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS or something else. Don't know what any of that is? Do not worry, we take care of everything. You receive an eye catching website with the latest coding, all within your budget.

Websites Made For Search Engines

You've surely heard, "What good is a website, if it can't be found in a search engine." Everything we build, is done not only with the engines in mind, but specifically so your website ranks at the top, once the SEO work begins.

Premium Web Development

Whether you want to use WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla!, Shopify or another platform, we can get it done for you.

Custom Web Development

We can handle custom development projects too. We've built numerous projects from the ground up.


If its out there, we can integrate it into your website; 3rd party applications, shipping, payment gateways, social networking API's, any Google API, mobile applications and more!

Web Development Auto Market of Long Island, NY
Secure Website Hosting

Website Hosting

We literally take care of everything for you, from domain registration / renewal, free transfer of your website to our servers as well as hosting & email. Everything is registered to you, with you in you full control. We just make sure everything works & keeps working.

SSD / VPS Technology

We only use the latest SSD (Solid State Drives) and VPS (Virtual Private Servers) for our hosting solutions. These give us blazing fast page load speed times and ensure that your website stays up 99.99% of the time.


Our service is among the most secure hosting available. Real time redundancy, resource monitoring, multiple remote backups, real time virus scans and top notch support is all included in our hosting service.

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eCommerce Website Development

Start to finish, we handle every aspect of developing your website.

Get a perfectly working website that looks great too. Ask about our Internet marketing services & get your website ranking at the top of search engines & converting into sales!

  • WordPress Website Development
  • Magento Website Development
  • Drupal Website Development
  • Joomla! Website Development
  • CS Cart Website Development
  • Shopify Website Development
  • VirtueMart Website Development
  • osCommerce Website Development
  • Big Commerce Website Development
  • cCart Website Development

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